The Words of the Koch Family

Seven new members found their way into the Family

Peter and Gertrud Koch
May 7, 1971
Vienna, Austria

The month of April saw the beginning of this year's second 40-day movement of the Austrian family. However, much of our energy had to go into two projects. The construction of the training center, including a money drive to make it possible, and the translation of the two anti-communist books. Nevertheless, 7 new members found their way into the family. Among the Divine Principles in Austria. We are working with several other couples, but their way seems to be not so easy.

Although we have no official news about the coming of our True Parents, there are some indications they will come soon. The negative side is very active, and one of our girls has had a traffic accident a few days ago and has not yet fully regained consciousness. We are praying for her recovery. Although Satan is demanding his price, the final victory will be ours

Please give our love and greetings to Father and Mother and to all our brothers and sisters in Korea.

In the Name of our True Parents,
Peter and Gertrud Koch 

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