The Words of the Koch Family

Three African brothers have started studying the Principles

Peter and Gertrud Koch
March 2, 1971
Vienna, Austria

In the month of February the Austrian family finished the first 40-day movement of this year. Result: 14 new members of good quality, In order to make conditions of indemnity several of the members ate only once a day, and all members started the day with an ice cold shower. Nevertheless, Satan demanded even more in a number of accidents. Right after the 40-day movement we started a training course for the new members.

To haul the building material for the training center we bought a 14 year old VW truck and named it `Riaka' in honor of the first vehicle of the Japanese trash collecting business.

The past month seemed to be Africa month: One African brother stayed with us for a week, and two others have started studying the Principles.

Our 'New Center' people are preparing for the coming semester by studying Anticommunism and building up contacts to the university professors. Our small group of fighters has won the respect of the Catholic Church which does not have the necessary number of active students nor the courage to attack the Communists.

Bernhard of Switzerland had to stay in the hospital for 4 weeks to have an operation. To strengthen our work in Belgium we brought Brigitte Plochl to Brussels. They are now 3 people in Brussels, and they already have some good contacts.

Please give our love to our Parents and all of the family.

In the Name of Our True Parents
Peter and Gertrud Koch 

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