The Words of the Koch Family

The Press attaché of the Korean embassy have been with us

Peter and Gertrud Koch
February 2, 1971
Vienna, Austria

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

The Austrian family started the month of January with the God's Day celebration. Almost all the family had come together in the Vienna center for the celebration and for a training course. On January 4th we started a 40-day movement of praying indemnity and winning new members.

The national leaders of France, Holland, Italy, Germany and Austria met in Vienna on the second weekend for a small conference. At this location our new folk dance group gave its first Performance.

Beate of Denmark has spent a week with us to recharge her spiritual battery. She had been working in Denmark all by herself for a year, having considerable difficulty with the language problem. She returned to her mission field with renewed strength.

The first secretary and the press attached of the Korean embassy have been with us several times. They really were happy and impressed to find such a family of the Unification Church in Vienna. On two evenings they showed us Korean movies, and in return we showed them our film on the WACL conference and international wedding of the 777 couples. We are giving them all assistance possible, like helping them to learn German or translating from other European languages. It may be of symbolic significance that the Korean embassy just moved from the outskirts of the city to just two blocks away from our main center.

Two of our members went to Deutschlandsberg in the South of Austria to establish a new center and to start a dress making business.

Please give our love to our Parents and all of the family. In the name of our True Parents

Peter and Gertrud Koch 

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