The Words of the Koch Family

Last weekend we had our European mini-conference in Vienna

Peter Koch
January 15, 1971
Vienna, Austria

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

Thank you very much for your lovely New Year card. We will do our best to make 1971 a fruitful year for the Father.

Last weekend we had our mini-conference in Vienna. Reiner and Barbara [Vincenz] (France), Paul and Christel [Werner] (Germany), Teddy and Pauline [Verheyen] (Holland), Martin and [Dawn] Porter (Italy) and Gertrud [Koch] (Austria) have been present. Dennis and Doris [Orme] (England) had written they could not attend.

It was decided that contrary to the annual European conference these mini-meetings should be kept on an informal basis. In this way delicate subjects can be discussed more freely. In order to improve the cooperation on the European level it is imperative to improve the mutual trust between the national leaders. This can best be accomplished in personal talks. I am confident we will find a way to avoid repeating the mistakes made in the past.

The next mini-meeting will be held in March in Amsterdam. Please give my greetings to Father and Mother and the Family.

In the Name of Our True Parents

Peter Koch 

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