The Words of the Koch Family

Finding a suitable training center

Peter and Gertrud Koch
January 2, 1971
Vienna, Austria

Beloved Parents,

Greeting from the Austrian Family!

In my last report I said our next project would be to find a suitable training center. It sounds like a miracle, but we have already found a place which is just ideal. It's an abandoned farm house surrounded by the most beautiful countryside. It is situated about 1 and ½ hours by car from Vienna and can be found only by insiders. We had to pay less than for a used car, and the be paid off over 20 years. The legal paperwork may take about 3 months. Then we will start turning the farm house into a training center.

The new center mentioned in the November report has already won 2 very strong new members.

After visiting Robert [Brandner] in Luxembourg Peter brought Anita Jaspers to Brussels on December 21. She will work there as replacement of Christine Schoenenberger. As soon as possible we will send one more person to help Anita.

Right now almost all the Austrian family is gathered here in Vienna for an intensive training course. At this opportunity we will decide in what way we will lay a foundation for the work of 1971.

With love to our Heavenly Father

Peter and Gertrud Koch 

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