The Words of the Koch Family

We started a 3 x 24 hours prayer chain to make a condition for positive Catholics

Peter and Gertrud Koch
June 1, 1970
Wien, Austria

We thank our Heavenly Father for this month of May. Teddy returned from his visit with our True Parents in Korea, and on the weekend of 23-25th May he told us about his impressions during his stay in our homeland. We thank our True Parents for all Teddy has brought us. All our efforts will be directed to realize the plans of our Master. The Essen conference was attended by 8 members of the Austrian family who will give on to the others what they have received at this meeting. On our return trip to Wien Satan demanded his payment. The engine of the car broke down and had to be replaced. Three people of us had to hitchhike back to Wien. When they arrived there they learned that the only VW-bus we had left in Wien had become a total loss in an accident. On the other hand our hitchhikers could witness to a very positive chemist from Jordan who was on his way to spend his vacation at home. So we could direct him to June Darby.

In order to make condition we started this month with a 3 x 24 hours prayer chain. This was to make a condition for the positive people within the Catholic Church. May they be led to see way to actually realize what the Church should have been doing all along. From May 1st to 3rd Peter and 8 younger members of the family made a round trip to the other centers to bring these young members into a closer relationship to their new brothers and sisters. Filled with new vitality they returned to their work for the Father.

Three new members have found their way into God's family, and it is a joy to see them grow. The Linz center has been doubled in size by a second apartment in the same house. This way we now can start working with boys in this city.

We are sending our love to our True Parents and all our brothers and sisters all over the world.

Your Austrian Family
Peter and Gertrud Koch 

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