The Words of the Koch Family

1969 Austrian Family Report

Peter and Gertrude Koch
December 10, 1969
Wien, Austria

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

I have been asked to express my thoughts about the year 1970. Although it is impossible to make a precise prediction, there are certain factors which enable us to form a general idea about the development which we will most likely see in the coming year.

Since one quarter of all people in Austria are living in Wien, this city is the key to the country. For this reason we have concentrated our efforts on this city, and we will continue to do so in the future. So it can be expected that a few more centers will be established in this city during the next year. Besides strengthening the centers in Linz and Graz we will introduce the Divine Principles to at least three more provinces of the country. However, we cannot think only of our own problems. We have just sent out four missionaries, and we feel responsible to assist them as much as possible to establish a firm foundation in their mission fields.

If small group of young people like the Austrian family wants to handle a mission as great as the restoration of a nation, it needs the necessary financial background. Therefore, next year we will start an economy department and try to establish some business besides the kindergarten. However, we will have to be careful with our expectations since the Austrian economy is rather poor and wages are low.

Looking at the spiritual situation we can say it is very, very favorable. The opposition by the Catholic Church is growing more and more. Even in the remotest province of Austria the priests are ordered to preach from the pulpit against our group-just because one of our members comes from that area.

The Catholic Church is really doing us a great honor by this treatment. We are proud to be called 'the most dangerous sect of today'.

It is the strength and the truth of our Heavenly Father which are making us so 'dangerous'. Most likely the year 1970 will see an increase of the opposition. This is the best advertising for us, since many people are dissatisfied with their church. When they come to our group and find out they have not been told the truth about us, they will be more open to the Principles.

The year 1969 has brought considerable growth to the Austrian family, and we are sure the growth rate can be increased in 1970. Spiritually we are well able to overcome all obstacles.

Already the number of students of theology is declining rapidly, whereas God's family is growing dynamically. We may still be a small group, but the future is in our hands. Sooner or later all churches will not be able to any longer close their eyes to the fact that it is God who is using us as His hands, feet, eyes and mouths. Let us all strive in 1970 to bring about the day on which all creatures join in glorifying our Heavenly Father!

In the name of our True Parents

Peter and Gertrude Koch 

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