The Words of the Koch Family

We strongly felt the presence of our True Parents

Peter and Gertrud Koch
November 30, 1969
Wien, Austria

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

During the month of November 5 new members have joined the family in Austria. They are growing rapidly in the warm atmosphere of the family, and they have realized their great responsibility to our Heavenly Father.

In Graz we have finally moved into a much bigger and better center. A work party of the Vienna family has spent some time in the new center and has painted the house from top to bottom. The biggest problem was to install a heating system. It is freezing temperature in Graz, but due to a flaw in the material of the furnace the house still cannot be heated.

In Vienna we have bought a printing machine, so now we can produce much better hand bills. Our main emphasis in Vienna is still on street witnessing and on the University drive. This has brought many good people in contact with the message.

On Children's Day the Austrian family gathered at the Vienna center for a most solemn celebration. Especially the younger members were full of joy to see the pictures of our Leader's trip 1965 and of the visit of our True Parents this year. We strongly felt the presence of our True Parents in our midst.

This month we worked at the preparation of the four missionaries whom we intend to send out. At present Robert Brandner is still in Paris to receive his special training of teaching the Principles in the French language. This afternoon we will have the sending out celebration for the other three missionaries, since Christine Schoenenberger will leave Vienna tonight in order to start her mission in Belgium on 1st December.

In the name of our True Parents,

Peter and Gertrud Koch 

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