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Peter Koch
November 25, 1963
New Age Frontiers - January 1, 1963

Dear brothers and sisters all over the world:

Many of you I have never met, but still we are as close as the members of one big family, for we all have the same spiritual father and mother. We are all united by the same desire to bring glory and joy to God by realizing His Divine ideal of creation by our work. Let us thank Him for giving us eyes to see and ears to hear. Do you realize your unique privilege of belonging to the first ones to recognize His Son? There are still millions of people who do not yet know what is happening in our days... Let us suffer and pray that we may grow quickly and become more useful for the Father. Let us suffer now in order to quickly establish His kingdom. The rest of the world will have to suffer later, but then what good will it do?

After I stayed in Heidelberg for about 3 weeks and witnessed and went to many, many meetings, I decided that I should rather go to Frankfurt; Heidelberg is a rather small town. Furthermore, I met nothing but rejection there. This taught, me one lesson, though. If I am searching for God's people and go to the churches, then I am probably looking at the wrong place. Those people are clinging so much to their doctrines that they are deaf for God's call.

A few days ago I arrive here in Frankfurt. After much running around I found a place to stay which is suitable for our work here, Ursula will join me in a few days. My new address is:

Peter Koch c/o Zupp
6 Frankfurt
Koselstr, 2

My prayers are with all of you 

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