The Words of the Koch Family

Indemnity Walk Across Germany

Peter Koch
New Age Frontiers - November 10, 1963

My Beloved Father:

Oh, Father, I thank you for the great strength I received from you the last three weeks. You guided my stumbling feet, you kept your arm around my shoulder to steady me, you encouraged me with your shouting voice. How often during the past 21 days did I think of your course of sweat and blood and tears! You are our Leader. The way you went we will have to go.

In order to lay a foundation for our work in Germany, I decided to walk with very little food from North Germany to South Germany, a distance of at least three times 120 km. Satan tried many times to tempt or stop me. Even before I reached the city limits of my home town, I knew that my shoes were completely unsuited for such a trip.

After 40 km. my feet were reduced to a blistered, bleeding, swollen mass, and I thought that I could hardly walk one more day and that it would take a long time before could reach my destination. Yet all through that night, I constantly heard your encouraging voice. So I pulled myself together and walked on. Then I heard a voice: If you will make it in 21 days, you will be alright! This was the way my journey became a 21 day course.

Oh, Father, I have thought so often of you! When I was walking over the hills and through the valleys, I thought of your walk to South Korea. When the pain drove tears in my eyes, I remembered that you have suffered a thousand times more and that you have cried much more and more bitter tears than I. When the children in the street called names after me, and the people stopped and gaped at me with their mouths hanging open, I thought of you pushing a push-cart through the fancy streets of Tokyo.

I saw so many automobiles, good, comfortable new cars. They were speeding down the road, splashing me with muddy water and forcing me off the road. Big, fat Satan! Oh Father, what belongs to God in this country? Only my blistered feet? How long does this country have to suffer under the rule of the anti-god? Father, let me liberate this land and restore it to God! It is a land of great beauty, but the people have to be changed. I thank you, Father, for me the way to restore this country.

A few days ago, when I almost could not pull myself any further, I suddenly saw a good stick lying in front of my feet. So I picked it up and used it to lean on it. I have been very happy about this simple stick and very proud of it. At night I parked my stick right among the fancy automobiles of the other people, I knew that this seemingly worthless stick was of more use to God than many a minister. So, my beloved Father, I pray that even I as your unworthy 'stick' may be able to bring joy to your heart,

With great love.

Comment from Headquarters:

Peter Koch walked all alone from Munster to Heidelberg (approximately 248 miles) for 21 days to make a condition of indemnity for the restoration of Germany. We thank the Father for giving him the strength to accomplish this difficult task. We are proud of you Peter and we cry with you. May your effort of blood and tears soon bring life and joy to your people and all Europe!

The German translation of the Divine Principles has been completed and is now being distributed. 

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