The Words of the Koch Family

Printing The First German Divine Principle Book

Peter Koch and Ursula Schumann
New Age Frontiers - September 10, 1963

Peter Koch:

Dear Miss Kim:

I am very busy printing the book. It was impossible to get from a printer a reasonable price for a small number of books, and I did not want to order 3000 books at this time. So I decided to do everything except the binding myself. Ursula is typing the stencils and will send me the rest of them this week. I bought a little printing machine. Unfortunately it does not have a motor. So I have to run everything by hand, but this will take a little more time.

I pray that God may lead me to people who will translate the book into other languages. In a dream I was told that the book has to be translated into at the very least 12 languages before the general judgment can start. Brothers and sisters, let us not delay the schedule! Time is very short and precious! In another dream was shown a hugs pile of rocks. Most of them were dead and worthless, but here and there among them I could clearly see the sparkling of a jewel.

What a fitting picture of the condition of this world! We have to work our way through all of this huge pile, turning every rock to find for God those precious stones. Do not count the people who reject us, but count only those who open their heart to the call of the Father.


Ursula Schumann:

Miss Kim:

Two weeks ago I borrowed an electric typewriter and started typing the stencils for our translation, the last of which I have finished this morning. I do not think we have ever had so many visitors as during this period. It was just as if "someone" was tying to keep me away from my work, or at least to slow it down! As soon as I had realized it, I decided not to leave my room any more to take part in idle talk.

Peter has already started printing the first few chapters which I sent him last week. When the books are ready, we will probably start out together in Frankfurt (Maine), a protestant town with about 675.000 inhabitants.

So far I have not had too many chances to speak about the Divine Principles, except to some of my relatives and friends who are eager to read the book. Also, two girls from the Jehovah's Witnesses came by three times. After reading the preface and chapter one with them they rejected. They could not open their minds to new revelations, because they were so brainwashed with their literal interpretation of the Bible. Psalm 45, however, which describes the bride and the daughter and the sons of the Messiah, is just a symbol in their opinion. I felt so sorry for these young girls, whose work is in vain, for it is not in accordance with God's new dispensation of the Completed-Testament-Age.

People who do not attend churches are much better prospects for our movement, but unfortunately they are in general more concerned about material things and show little interest in religion. They simply do not know what they are missing! I am always looking forward to the newsletters. They are such a great help, especially for those members who are too far away from 1309 Masonic Ave., San Francisco, California, where all new developments are being discussed.

Love to all. 

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