The Words of the Koch Family

A Letter to the Little Prince

Peter Koch
New Age Frontiers - February 15, 1963

My Dear Little Prince:

It will probably be a few years before you can read this letter, but I want to send to you my loving thoughts from and overflowing heart.

Not only your parents, but all my brothers and sisters and myself had been waiting for you, and our hearts rejoiced when we heard of your birth. Now a great condition is fulfilled. You are yet but a sweet little bundle, but soon all the world will bow before you. Your father is the first man in history who could stand before God as a true man. He has given life not only to you, but to all those who follow him. At one time you will continue his great work.

We are working to build the kingdom over which you will eventually reign, I am now active here in Berkeley to learn and to grow, that I may be adequately prepared and strong to go back to Germany and establish there a base for the new kingdom.

With love and devotion yours.

[Letter written to Hyo Jin Moon who was born December 3, 1962, lunar] 

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