The Words of the Koch Family

Memories Of Peter Koch

Gertrud Koch (Peter Koch's Wife)
March 2009

On January 30, 1962, Peter joined the family in the United States, in San Francisco. He worked there for a year and a half. On June 11, 1963, he arrived in Holland [by ship] to begin the mission in Germany. In 1969, he was sent by Father to lead the mission in Austria, the third country he had worked in.

From Germany in 1965, missionaries went to Austria, Spain and France. From Austria, in 1969, Peter sent missionaries to Turkey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Denmark and Belgium.

In 1980, Peter sent missionaries to the Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, East Germany, and Albania -- all communist countries. Mission Butterfly' is a book of the missionaries' touching experiences in communist countries.

From his own experience going out all by himself to start a mission in a foreign country, Peter knew very well how a missionary felt, so he tried to help them wherever he could. He always tried to give them spiritual and financial help or send additional members to strengthen them. Peter tried to help other nations as much as possible because it is in God's nature to always give.

Austrian members are working all over the world, from South Africa to Finland, in fields as diverse as jewelry making and shipbuilding. Peter had a vision for Austria. At that time it was not possible to raise funds there, so he started to develop a financial foundation. He knew how to inspire members and how to use their various talents. Therefore, the most capable people started companies in the fields of carpentry, candle-making, commerce, software, dentistry and woodcarving. Because of the Austrian political situation, it was necessary to begin Victory Over Communism (VOC) activities. Peter inspired some politically inclined members to make the magazine Integral, which was sold in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We purchased three training centers for educating the young members in two, seven, twenty-one and forty-day workshops.

I want to share some more special insights from my husband. In 1965, True Father visited Europe for the first time to bless all the holy grounds. Peter, and Paul Werner, who were European pioneers, traveled for three weeks in a Volkswagen van with True Father. During this time, Peter and Father became very close in heart. Peter expressed to me, "When True Father left Europe, I felt as if my Father were leaving me."

In 1969, we received the blessing from True Parents in Essen, Germany among forty-three couples. We are blessed with two children, our son Goon Amen and our daughter Spring Ann. Both were blessed in international marriage blessings. When Peter ascended to the spirit world, True Father expressed his love and gratitude to us by telling us that he is proud of Peter and that we should also be proud of him.

I am grateful for this opportunity to share with all of you some aspects my husband's life.

As Peter's wife, I am deeply grateful that God and True Parents have blessed us in matrimony for eternity. I am proud of him because I experienced him as a man of God, concerned about serving God and fulfilling his mission as a representative of True Parents. For me he was always an example of loving, serving and caring for others and his family.

Thank you Peter! 

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