The Words of the Kobayashi Family

Grandma Kobayashi's Cranes

May 23, 2013

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han

Grandpa and Grandma Kobayashi are the oldest couple at the HSA-UWC Miyakonojo-Shi, Japan. They are close to their eighties.

They live alone. Their daughter, who is blessed, lives in a neighboring city. They don't own a car. They use bicycles. It takes them about thirty minutes to get to church. They try to attend at least once a week for Sunday Service.

One sister, Sayuri T, visited them recently. They invited her inside. They apologized that they don't always attend meetings for Prayer, Hoon Dok Hae and Bowing conditions at the church. Grandpa's health hasn't been so good recently.

They reported that they haven't stopped doing the world-wide Hoon Dok Hae and 120 bow condition that begun in 2012. They never skipped a day.

They shared with Sayuri about a vision they saw of True Father. It happened one day while they were doing Hoon Dok Hae, a little after Foundation Day.

True Father appeared right in front of them. Almost right in their faces. Very clearly. He was so real they even tried to touch him.

Sayuri asked if she could pray at their family altar, where True Father appeared. After praying she noticed strings and strings of folded cranes suspended near the altar. She asked about them.

Grandma replied that when she finds a piece of scrap paper, she writes the name of a church member on it. She then prays for that member while she folds the paper into a crane. 

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