The Words of the Kobayashi Family

Suzuka River Cleanup Drive

Takatora Kobayashi
March 29, 2009

UFPA, Mie Region (Japan), commenced our first interfaith service for peace activity on March 29, 2009 with the active participation of our fellow Filipino friends in the Catholic church and Mie International Exchange Foundation. We gathered around 9:30 am in our venue in Suzuka River Kazenyukuchi.

Our coordinator, Mr. Joey Andaya, briefed us about the activity and gave encouragement to everyone for their support and participation. Approximately 80 persons including the children were involved in this program.

After we collected all the garbage, the coordinator concluded this activity by congratulating and appreciating the efforts of everyone. We took group photos and celebrated with simple ceremony by sharing foods and drinks to all participants.

The United Filipinos for Peace and Advancement would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Daniel Padilla and family, representing the Catholic Faith Community, Mr. Takatora Kobayashi, Unification Movement, Tsu district, and Ms. Edith of Mie International Exchange Foundation and other individuals and families for their greater contribution to the orderly accomplishment and success of Suzuka river cleanup drive. 

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