The Words of the Kobayashi Family

GPF Cordillera - Program of Activities

Rowena Dait Kobayashi
October 24, 2008


The seed of good leadership was deeply rooted in the mountainous grounds of Baguio/Cordillera. The higher it seems, the deeper it goes. Many members endowed with so much potential became legendary leaders in the city that was ours. The home we belong. They are the early and contemporary missionaries or full time as we call them. Their kindness, generosities, selflessness and good leadership moved the heart and soul of the early members who became the pillars and cornerstones of Baguio / Cordillera. They serve as a strong foundation that come strong winds, thunders, typhoons and earthquakes shook the surface but not the inner core which the real values was deeply embedded. This is the SPIRIT that was bequeathed to the members of Baguio/ Cordillera. Let us support GPF Cordillera. LET THE SPIRIT AND VISION OF GPF ECHOES TO THE MOUNTAINS! We may not be there but we can support in our prayers and financial support! ... Kuya Alfon and Ate Dulce, the prime movers, to all brothers and sisters working for GPF Cordillera, GOOD LUCK!!!

P.S. Cong. Domogan was been so supportive ever since. He was present during the opening ceremony of our YFWP office many years ago..... Dr. Cipriano Consolacion the Pres. of Benguet State University, Dr. Juanita Madarang, Regional Supervisor for the Elementary Education, Dr. Rosalia Guadania. Regional Supervisor for Secondary Education, Mrs. Tita Novilla, Principal of Irisan High School was my head teacher before. Dr. Elma Donaal, Principal of largest High School, Baguio City National High was my Thesis adviser at graduate school, my principal when I transferred teaching in Baguio fr. St. Louis La Union. Atty. Rogelio Dait former Director of Cordillera Legal Assistance Office ( CLAO), these and more were present at my wedding. They were my principal sponsors before.. I hope that they could be reached out once again...Teachers/ Educators/ Prof. have the birds eye view as Kuya Gerry Desuyo emphasized before...They can see from above.. Their influence to people are vast and wide...

Ate Dulce/ kuya Alfon, Baguio City National High School, Main and annexes student population can fill the grandstand during intramurals and athletic competitions...If the principal or the DECS Superintendent can be reached out, the much needed number of participants can be attainable...BAGUIO CITY, the SUMMER CAPITAL of the PHIL. / the CENTER OF EDUCATION outside Manila has a lot of POTENTIALS. I'm very optimistic about this...


With gratitude,

Rowena Dait Kobayashi 

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