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Jeff Kingsley
April 20, 2011
UTS '90

The UTS Alumni Assoc. is conducting a seminar on Sunday May 8th at UTS Manhattan, 4 West 43rd St. NYC from 1-5 PM in the Oak Room.

It is entitled CIG Politics: Headwing Theory and Policy.

For many years Rev. Moon has explained that the Unification Movement (UM) is neither Republican nor Democrat, but "headwing." We will discuss what "headwing" is all about from both theoretical and practical standpoints, an important first step in building the CIG (Kingdom of Heaven) in the political arena. Dr Gordon Anderson (UTS '78), who has written extensively about the interplay of Divine Principle, the U.S. Constitution and politics, will be one of the speakers. We also will discuss how to stimulate such discussions within the larger UM as well as the society at large.

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