The Words of the Kingori Family

Testimony and report of about Rev. Hyung Jin Moon's trip to Africa

Simon Kingori
February 28, 2011

Hyung Jin Nim worked so hard -- he personally drove heavy earth movers bulldozers machine in ground breaking UPF peace park land at Kibera slum Nairobi. He personally moved over 70 tons of soil using the bulldozer Earth mover machine? This land was offered free by Kenya government to be called "Peace park Land" -- this Peace park project will be sponsored by UPF and UNEP. It will cost couple of million dollars.

Thus great BUT the miracle is he got so hungry and needed something to eat at the slum? In this Kibera slum 3,000 families share one pit latrine. Again here he started another project to build more clean toilets for Kibera slum families, this toilet project will cost millions of Dollars.

Miracle where does he get food to eat for lunch in the slum?

He asked if there is a blessed couple who live in the slum, the iron sheet single room. -- Yes there are many- so he demanded to be taken to one blessed family in slum who have blessed 2nd gen children

He was taken to blessed couple named Vincent Vitinga couple who were blessed in 1995 and have 3 second Gen children. He entered in this couple's iron sheet single room to have his lunch there. Our sister cooked very fast using charcoal. She cooked UGALI and Sukuma wiki (maize floor cooked like a bread and spinach vegetable as a stew), then she made strong tea (tea without milk -- they cannot afford milk). Hyung Jin Nim as our sister was cooking was very busy with 3 children, looking at their school books like their true DAD, this is amazing.

He finally ate the Ugali and Sukuma Wiki till he had enough -- this was his lunch on Feb 28th 2011.

The International president having his lunch in a blessed couple iron sheet single room at the heart of slum. What type of love?

BUT no one knew he was doing undercover research (spy-EYE witness) to see how second gen blessed children live in Africa continent. After seeing the true situation of blessed couple in Africa he shed so many tears, and he promised to start a school project for second gen children in Africa countries. The best part was Mrs. Hyo Jin was there and she is WFWP president and she, as mother figure will start also other projects which will elevate poverty for blessed couples in Africa countries. 

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