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December 25, 2010- Christmas Party 2010 for Kenyakids Orphans

Simon Kingori
January 15, 2011

Greeting from kenyakids project.

Christmas 2010 was a big challenge to me, the orphans were really looking forward to Christmas day as we have a tradition of issuing them with new clothing/Good Healthy food/Games.

Finally the IRFF 2nd Gen from Stuttgart Church Germany came to our rescue co-ordinates by our elder sister Ute Lemme.

We at kenyakids project were able to feed total of 128 kids , buy new clothing to 20 boys / 20 girls for Christmas. we had a lot of games that day and kids were so excited by the balloons game.

God / TP bless the -: 2nd gen IRFF Stuttgart Germany, for such a great sacrifice.

Peace Love and Blessings -: kenyakids --

Love -- energy of the soul; there is nothing that cannot be healed by love; there is nothing but love -: Loving Part of the Personality -- autonomous aspect of personal consciousness that is rooted in love and expresses love (e.g., gratitude, contentment, appreciation, awe, love) 

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