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Visit to Nairobi National Park -- with 2nd Gen from USA

Simon Kingori
January 13, 2011

Greeting from Nairobi Kenya,

Some 2nd Gen children from USA DC came to visit Kenya, and discover its beauty.

On January 8th 2011, I took them to Nairobi National Park for a Game Drive. Here the animals are in their natural habitat.

These children had seen animal in "orphanages", meaning in zoo parks, in New York or DC. So they were very excited to see the animal in their real life. I took some photos with my 3 Mega Pixel camera, but most photos lost their quality as I tried to zoom. I have attached this photo we took that day. (Hint: I believe God will provide me with a professional Digital camera soon).

My Appeal To All Blessed Families

How do you like the idea of bringing 2nd Generation to Africa, especially Kenya, to see the other part of the world. We have good beautiful park like Massai Mara. I know most of you know Africa as poverty needy countries, but we have a lot to offer like -: our Rich culture, Game parks, beaches and great people with "warm heart"!

Hope you will enjoy the photos, sorry for poor quality.

See more photos on my Facebook page.

Peace love and blessings -- kingori -- Founder of Kenya Kids


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