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My Reunion with Helene

Simon (and Helene) Kingori
October 14, 2009

This is my personal Testimony relevant to the cosmic marriage blessing Oct 13th-14th 2009, which we participated via web cast at Nairobi-Kenya.

When our national leader suggested to us to do the indemnity condition of 21 bows and breakfast fasting to prepare for the Cosmic Blessing of Marriages Celebration, at first I thought, I can’t do it, because of my thoracic-cervical spine fractures. The injuries were caused during the USA Embassy bombing on Aug 7th 1998, by Osama-led terrorists group. This is the 13th year since the bombing, and I graduated from sitting in the wheelchair in 2004. And presently, I walk with the support of two clutches.

I prayed deeply in my heart for my wife Hélène in spirit World to help me do the indemnity condition. I got the answer from my wife, to try one full bow and 20 head bow for 21 days and to stop all the medication I take in the morning and continue with lunch-evening medications only. That was the answer I was waiting for, I did all the conditions with only one full bow, which was so painful for 21 days and stopped all morning medication. (My wife ascended to spirit world one February 26th 2002, while I was still on wheelchair.)

From October 10th-13th we had to go for DP workshop at peace house Nairobi. This was another big decision to make, as I take care of 82 OVC’s (orphans and vulnerable children) at kawangware slum Nairobi (Kenya), where I live. These orphans and street boys depend on me for at least one meal in two days, or a minimum of a meal of boiled maize and beans per day.

The street boys sleep on shop corridors or street in the slum. So I had to make a program for them for the 4 days I was going to be away. With God’s help, I was able to arrange with one woman from our neighborhood, to cook one meal per day for them.

During the workshop I had time to reflect on my life and why God has been so unfair to my life: my spine cord fracture in 1998 and my wife ascending in 2002 while I was on wheelchair and the pain I go through every day just to get medication -- so many why!

October 13th 2009 was the holy wine day, and I was feeling so tired and I was the only person seated during the entire holy wine ceremony due to my spine condition. When, I poured a drop of holy wine to my wife photo, I heard an inner voice from my wife saying “it’s over Simon, you are not alone, it’s a new beginning and God understands your needs well”. At first I was in another world, I can’t tell exactly what happened, but when I came back to my senses, I found brothers and sisters surrounding me as I tears were rolling down my cheeks like rain.

I felt truly been born again, all the worries I had disappeared, and I immediately stood up without the support of crutches. This was a turning point in my life, a new Era for me, a new beginning. That night I didn’t sleep at all and I was feeling like a new born baby being held by the mother, totally protected!

On October 14th, as the Cosmic Blessing of Marriage Celebration started, everyone was in awe, as they saw me walking in the hall, without the support of crutches, dragging my left paralyzed leg! It was difficult but I managed to spend 3 hour dragging my left leg till the blessing ceremony was over. This is just the external view of cosmic blessing.

The truth is that, since 2002, I have been living a very lonely life at my prime age mid 40’s, without a wife. We could not communicate with her after, she ascended from 2002 to 2007. From 2008, she started visiting me like a dream, and many times, she appeared as a very radiant bright light. However, since Oct 13th 2009, the Holy Wine day, our relationship has really improved, to the point that, I feel her with me, almost constantly, and, at last, I have no more sleepless nights..!

So this is a major turning point for me, and the dawn of a new age in my life. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father and True Parents (Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon) for such grace and opportunity. God bless you all brothers and sisters in the Unificationist family, I wish you heavenly strength, patience, wisdom and blessing for all your activities. May God be happy for this hour. How we are living with the 360 Billion Absolute Good Spirits, we are able to change!

Simon (and Helene) Kingori, of 30,000 couples Blessing of Marriage, and the Founder of Kenya Kids 

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