The Words of the Kingori Family

Kenya Blessed Children SOS

Simon Ndirangu Kingori
February 26, 2001

Majorities of the Kenyan blessed families were in 1989 group and 1992 groups and then 1995 groups. The first Kenyan couple to be blessed was 1982 group.

Blessed children of 1989 and 1992 are quite big ranging from 10 years to 7 days old. Out of this group 93% cannot afford to attend any government school neither the basic health care. Their mothers don't even attend antenatal clinic and postnatal clinic. Majorities of them have miscarriages because they have no proper medical care. Example, our national messiahs wife visited Kenya with her three daughters her intention was to fulfill her national messiahship but she could not stay for more than six months because the children could not go to school neither get the basic medical care. She had to go back to the USA. Out of the four Kenyan national messiahs none of their families stay here because of the financial situation of this country.

HIV AIDS has been declared as a national disaster by the Kenyan government. Therefore IMF and World Bank and Unsaid, churches are trying to do what they can but all in vain, because they are approaching it from the condom or how to have safe sex. In reality they do not have any proper curriculum to handle this national disaster. Unification Church in Kenya can see on the Internet how abstinence organizations and Pure Love Alliance organization are doing in USA. Personally I am thrilled by the curriculum or the training program on the Internet. In Kenyan church only two brothers know how to use the Internet but they don't have any computer so they have to use the bureaus to get any information. The cost of the browsing is $6 per hour. In the continental office there is only one sister who knows to use MS Word. Parents of the blessed children are computer illiterate. I really want to train them so that they can get jobs.

Even if they get the information there is no printer or photocopier in the church. So there whole knowledge ends up in the dustbin. Compare this scenario with the Kenyan (not Unification church) who are doing the HIV campaign using modern vehicles with in built generators, video projectors, big screens who go around the country just to promote condoms. Actually they have no content. This trucks are donated by European Union (British) and USAID. No matter how much knowledge our members have about HIV they cannot even pay their bus fares from Slums to the city. All the children in the slums sniff shoe glue to make them high so that they can stay without thinking about eating or schooling. This is out of there reach. 90% of the blessed children stay in this environment so imagine what goes on in their daily lives. Does anyone out there care, even Hyung Jin Nim. How will this blessed child be matched in twenty years time coming from such a background?

The government is carrying the poverty eradication plan because as per the present stators 70% of the Kenyan people live below the poverty line. Honestly speaking 95% of the Unification members falls within this 70% group.

Blessed Children

None of the blessed children in Kenya have touched a computer keyboard which of course translates into they are not leaving in the era of the fourth Adam. As I mentioned earlier the parents cannot even afford to take them to government schools this children are completely illiterate for the last three years we have been talking about building a church school but all that has remained an illusions.

I strongly feel I want to teach the blessed children the basic concepts of the computer i.e. typing, paint brush computer games, E-mail, but surely I need the basic equipment (infrastructure) I am appealing to any organization or families who can donate at least four old reconditioned computers, printers, scanners, UPS, and any other accessories. This is a SOS from Kenya Unification Church to rescue the blessed children of the second generation.

NB I got all the training software from my wife's national messiah Rev. Michael Lamson. My wife is from Cameroon. These Tutorial CD's: MS office 2000, MS explorer 5.0, Pagemaker 6.5, Photoshop 5.0, MS publisher 2000, CAD v14, Corel 9.0, Print Master Gold, Zero Antivirus

N/B the above computers should be able to learn this software's on the CD ALSO Children story books or any useful Educational materials is appreciated.

Personally I am 30,000 thousand couple an electronic/ computer network engineer. From 1998 August American Embassy bombing I was a victim and fractured my spine.

The spinal fractures were from T3, T4, T5, T6, T7 and L3, L4. I stayed in the hospital bed paralyzed from August up to December. I was discharged on a wheel chair paralyzed and I have been on the wheel chair up to January 2000. I went for the third operation in January 2000 and this helped me to start walking on crutches to date. A MRI was done in January 2001 and the doctor says I have to go for another operation. I really do not know what Heavenly Father wants to do with my family. But at this stage I strongly feel I want to educate the second generation on how to use the computers. I might go to spirit world any time. But my inner self feels indebted to True Parents that I have not done so much in the providence. I was very lucky in the 1960's and 70's I studies on a government scholarship. My parents never paid a penny for my higher education. So I still feel indebted to my country.

Can anybody out there come to my rescue and help me to fulfill my goal?

Right now Kenya is the continental headquarters with four national messiahs. But in reality what are we doing to the black blessed children who cannot go to study in Japan, USA, Italy Korea etc. In short the blessed children in the slums who get one meal after three days i.e. sukuma and ugali (maize corn and cabbage) they don't know what is meat, eggs, car, school, hospital, clothing, etc.

Hypocrisy will never make us enter heaven. We have to be real. There are only three couples in Kenya who have attended the re-registration blessing sponsored by Rev. Yim Dow Soon. They also managed to liberate some of their ancestors. All the other couples have a strong desire to go for the re-registration and liberate their ancestors but honestly speaking they cannot afford.

Monthly salaries in Kenya is around $50 per month, this is not even enough to feed a family for one week so parents have to do any other dirty corrupt jobs. It is even worse in the church office because you get half of this amount (sacrificing). I hope God is just and fair to allow this kind of things.

If you want to verify any information contact the Kenyan National Messiah Rev. Adruma.

God Bless You.

Ndirangu Kingori

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