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True Father's Autobiography

Jeddie King and Elma King
October 12, 2010

Our Mission to give 430 books completed, October 12, 2010

When we first heard about our mission to distribute 430 of True Father's autobiographies, we were very excited to say the least. It was only after getting home that we pondered over, how would we get the money to pay for such a mission. In our hearts we knew the will was there, so we waited for the way.

One morning after we finished breakfast, my mind was filled with thoughts of getting my next CD done. I closed my eyes and said to God, "God I wished I had the money to get this next CD done. It would be three days after this soft prayer to God that the phone would ring. We had just finished morning devotion when the phone started to ring. It was an answered prayer from God. Unexpected monies came for getting the CD done. From this money, we purchased our 430 books.

Sometime ago a friend told my husband to help me with my houses. Right away he thought that she was talking about real estate. I told my husband that I knew a lot of people, so I thought she was talking about the people that I knew. The body is a house for the spirit. It was never clearer to me now, that these books were here, that indeed; she was talking about the people that I knew. I know friends from my pre-grade school, friends from first grade, high school, college, work and church. I send them all newsletters every month.

I went out and found a record book, because True Father said that records are powerful !!! In this book, we would keep all the names and dates that the books were sent out; as well as addresses for the ones that were mailed. We wrote a three and a half page letter to be sent with each book. We signed every book with a scripture in Revelation 21:6… to the thirty I will give water without price from the fountain of the water of life.

2010 is a year that we wanted to proclaim True Parents name in a big way. My picture was featured on the cover of the Gospel News magazine in Tuskegee Institute, AL. for the months of July and August to announce my first CD, so we announced to the world that the second Advent of the Messiah; True Parents is here. Thanks to Bishop Jesse Harris. This cover on the magazine displayed a picture of the beautiful sun and the moon, as our True Father (Sun Moon), Also; Our True Parents Sun and the Moon. There was a Compilation CD inside of the magazine with my song "The Holy Wine Blessing", singing about the very True Father that I talked about in the magazine article.

Again many thanks to my friend, Bishop Harris for following the holy spirit on this. Only God Himself could have made this kind of arrangement. Our God of the number three, worked with three people: Bishop Bobby Shearrill, the announcer of the CD, and the first to play it on the internet radio. Rev.Ray Manning, who played the CD on his internet radio station, and Bishop Jesse Harris, the owner of the Gospel news. This message went out to over 50,000 readers.

We first started to give the autobiographies to our families in the month of July. Our first book was given to a sister-in law, Cleo King, She came back to get two more for her close friends. She insisted on leaving a donation, even though we told her that there were no charges. Another friend, Jory Lasseter, also came back for two more books after we gave one to him. When he went on vacation, he asked for four more for his family. He has made several trips to our home to pick up newsletters to share with other Pastors that he meets, while playing drums for them in difference churches.

Whenever we have workshops or Pastors Forums, he makes a B-line to get there. Next we gave three books to three families (our disciples), in our neighborhood that we have been giving Newsletters of the Divine Principal to for three years. One neighbor disciple returned the book. I made a note and date of that return in red. I went out to find another disciple in the block. Most of our books were mailed out of state to family members. As I went to the post office week after week, the people standing in line were curious about what was in the packages that I was mailing. Some wanted to know if they could have a book. Many times I would give a book to someone in line. Sometimes I would even sing to the people while the books were being mailed.

I have a total of twenty three sisters and brothers, and everyone received a book. Only one sister called to tell me that she did not want it. " I would put it in the mail she said , but it is not worth the money to send it back to you". There was one niece, who also sent the book back to me she said "I am a follower of Jesus, not Rev. Moon". One day after mailing two boxes of books, I stopped by the ice cream parlor to treat myself with some ice cream. When the young man came up (Carlos Brand) to take my order, he was very short with me. I can't recall the number of times that people have been rude to me without a cause. You never get use to it, but you learn to digest it better.

After being served the ice cream, I gave him a book, and told him that the Messiah was on the earth. He said, "I believe you". Then he shared his story with me. He told me that when I came to the window, he was stressed out, with the paper work in the back of the store. When he started to fill my order, there was a peace that came over him. Sometimes God gives us peace that surpasses all understandings. One evening I was back in the area giving out flyers when Mr. Brand called me. He wanted to know what I was giving out this time. I told him that we were having a Prayer Breakfast and a Pastors Forum the next week. He asked for a flyer to display in his parlor's window. He told me that he's reading the book every chance he gets. He carries it with him in his briefcase.

We then, went out and gave the books to all the people in our neighborhood. From there, it was on to friends. Next we gave them to all of our ACLC ministers. Then, we were off to the churches that we knew. We sent books to some senators and mayors. Over three hundred forty books were mailed to family and friends. Many late nights were spent writing addresses for books to be mailed. In Alabama my hometown: I sent to many cities like: Selma, Beatrice, Monroeville, Peterman, Fair field, Montgomery, Dora, Dolomite, Repton, Jemison, Jasper, Beaverton, Hoover, Birmingham, Frisco, Homewood Pell City, Greensboro, Huntsville, Mobile, Vandiver, Tuscaloosa, Steel, Wetumpka, McCalla , Bessemer, Fultondale, Harpersville, Gordon, Tuskegee Institute, and so on. The mail went to many places in Florida, my husband's hometown: Kissimmee, Tampa, Orlando, Davenport, St Cloud, Royal Palm Beach, Sandford, Ponciana, Winter Garden, Deltona, Apopka, Tallahassee, and many other hand outs unknown here in Fl. We sent to Georgia, Virginia , New Jersey, New York, California, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Michigan, Missouri, Louisiana, Nevada, Tennessee, and Kentucky, and so on. It was time to take them to the streets.

This is the time that we came face to face with most of the people. We visited some old neighborhoods. We met many people who were happy to receive them, yet some didn't want it when we asked for their names. We heard statements like: I have my own Bible, I have my own church, I don't like to read, and I don't have time to read. Then there were statements like: I am open to receive. Do you think the Messiah is here? No, I would say; I know. I think he is too.

We gave the books at gas stations. I would sing to people as they pumped their gas, and then give them a book. We had books in our cars, and when the opportunity came we were right there with a book. We took them to stores, and where ever we went to eat. We gave them in the grocery stores, and at Staples. They know my name at the Post Office and at Staple. As we came down to the last two boxes, I asked my husband if we could go together and give them out.

I met one lady that I gave the name, The Prosecutor. She took the book and didn't want to give me her name. I will read the book she said, but not for the reason you want me to. I wanted the book back because I felt that she was a hunter looking for game. Then I remembered the evangelist at the well that came to witness to True Father. I said to myself, I pray that this hunter get captured by the game.

We weren't out very long before I realized that it wasn't a good idea to go out and work with my husband with the books. My husband is a pastor at heart. Every person that he gave a book to; he also felt the need to preach to them for 15 to 20 minutes. Meanwhile, I would look at the people passing him by, and say "There Go One"! Other words, we have missed another person that needs this book right now. There are words that came with me meeting True Parents, "Don't Even Die"! We came back home with the books, and I put them in my truck. I went out the next day or so to take care of other business. I was sitting next to a man in the office, and I wanted to give him a book; but when I looked on the wall the first words I saw was stop in big red letters.

Does this mean that I shouldn't give this man a book, I thought to myself. Then I thought, who would want to keep me from giving this man a book except Satan himself. So I offered the man a book. He was very nice. I was very moved when he told me his name. Moses Gabriel . He was the first man I gave a book to in that building. I was thinking that in the last two months, everything has been thrown at me, but the kitchen sink. The only thing that keeps me going is when I remember that no matter how many trials I face, It is nothing compared to what Jesus and True Parents have gone through.

Even through these storms, and there are many; I keep pushing on. After leaving the building I went out to the parking lot. It was filled with cars. I said to myself, boy; this is pay dirt. Meaning there is gold in the hills. I took one of the boxes of books, and put it on my truck's hood and I worked the parking lot from one side to the other. I was on a roll as I ran to people coming out of several different doors. When I was down to my last book in the box, a man named Jesus Iglesias was there to receive it.

Jesus threw the book on the seat as he sat down in the car. I told him not to handle it that way because those are words that he would need for all eternity. Then, there stood a guard behind me saying ma'am, you are not allowed to past out any religious materials on this property. I thanked him for telling me, and I left the parking lot; but not before I offered him a book also. With the look that he gave me, I can imagine him saying "I know she didn't". I told the guard that I prayed before I left home about the people that I will give these books to. I went to another parking lot and gave out the next box.

Not one person refused these books at this lot. In fact people were asking for one for their son, or their sister. The last books I gave to Petra William. She asked if she could have books for her family in New York. Their last names were Nurse. We got in to a long conversation about the name nurse. I told her that I had worked in New York at Deep Dale General Hospital with nurses whose last name were Nurse. I told her what it cost to send each book, and I gave her the money to put them in the mail. When you find the Kingdom, you do whatever you can to help others find their way.

When I came home I wanted to celebrate, but I found out that my husband had went back to my truck and took out four books with good intentions. I started to get the books and run out to give them away, but I said to him "this was his mission". The last book that my husband gave out, the man insisted on giving him something; so he gave him six dollars donation. No matter what, this mission was not going to be completed until the 12thas a date that many other big events have taken place in our lives. On the 12th there were two books that I had put aside for the mail.

So on October 12, 2010, I made a very light trip to the post office. I only had two last books to mail that day. Walking back to my truck, there were mixed feelings. Happy to have the mission completed, but sad that there were only two people so far that wants to know how they can connect to this new truth. This truth, that the Bible tells us that we WILL know. How sad it is that so many don't believe, and many just don't want to know. I was thinking that it has been a roller coaster of a journey, but mostly we were riding high as we builds God's Kingdom on earth.

Minister Elma King

Part one: There has to be a part two to follow.

Rev. Jeddie and Minister Elma King- ACLC for Central Fl. July 1, 2010 to October 12, 2010 

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