The Words of the King Family

Things That Go Bump in the Night

L-ma King
July 29 2010

The chronicles of the efforts of a brave ACLC representative in Central Florida.

Dear Clergy and friends of faith,

Why was the Bible written in a coded message? The answer is simple. It was written this way so that Satan couldn't go ahead of God and block God's plans. When these messages are un-coded, the Bible won't be open to interpretations. We won't have to divide ourselves into so many groups according to our own understanding of what the scripture means, but we will know plainly what the Bible says. We will then be able to unite as one family with one True Parents for the whole world. The world that God so loved.

I will give you an example. My husband and I made plans one year to go to my hometown. I felt the urgent need to bring my family a message that was burning in my heart. I got permission from a local church. Then, I told all of my family about my plans. The words of this meeting fell on Satan's ears. Satan then made phone calls to everyone that he/she thought that would attend this church service, and started to block my way. When every lie that Satan could think of was told about me, calls were made to the person that was supposed to open the church doors. That person was told to not let me in the church. Satan had no plans to come, and wanted to poison everyone else so they wouldn't come either.

After a nine-hour drive to get to the church, there were evidences that Satan had gotten there long before me. The person that was supposed to open the doors for us was nowhere to be found. We had stopped by to buy food that needed to be set up before we started with the service. The time that the service would start had already been announced. The pressure started to build up, but God had sent an angel beforehand, so that I could call the person with The Master Key, and stop the madness. Standing outside the church, I gave the pastor of the church a call. He was there, and came over right away. The pastor told me that he would stay for the service. I felt that he had heard some of the rumors as well. He wanted to hear what I was going to say that was so horrible that I needed to be blocked from the church doors. People were running from us like we were the most dangerous people in town. Satan wanted to kill our plans right there.

Many local families never showed up for the service, and I wanted so desperately for them to hear what God had put on my heart to tell them. Families from long distance came. Maybe they had been spared of the venom.

So what was this terrible message that I wanted my family to hear that November of 2006? I wanted to talk to my family about family matters. I told my family that the family is where heaven begins. The family set the pattern for all people in the world to live in harmony. It is our first school where we should learn to love, to forgive, and support each other. It is in the family where we learn to trust our parents, our sisters, and brothers in a godly way. It is in this family that we learn responsibilities, how to work with others. We should learn how to pray from our parents, and the need to go to church. We learn how to respect God's temple. We should learn how to live for the sake of others. We should be taught to give without expecting to receive anything in return. The families live for the society, the societies live for the nation, the nations live for the world, and the world lives for God. God lives for the world that He so loved.

The family could also be a place where we learn to hate and hold grudges. It could be a place where we learn how to be jealous of each other's accomplishments. To disrespect, steal, lie, be lazy, and think only of ourselves. We can see the family's pattern displayed on the worldwide screen. I said, "I don't think that I have to tell you that most of the families that we see today are not God-Centered Families."

I told my family that nothing is more important than a parent-child relationship. First with God, our Heavenly Parents, then with our mother and father, our earthly parents. I talked to the family about starting a God-centered family the way all families should be. I talked to them about the need to forgive, and why we need to forgive each other. If we don't forgive others, then our sins won't be forgiven either. Matthew 18:33. "You are all a part of me, and I can't live without you," I told them. God has put me in a place where I could see firsthand just how important families are to each other. Many times we learn all too late how important we are to each other.

I came so that we can change the course we are on and get it right. Working in the hospital as an registered nurse, my ears have heard, and my eyes have seen, so much pain. I shared many stories with my family. The patients didn't keep me in their rooms to tell me about the money that they have, the beautiful homes that they live in, or the fancy cars that they drive. They wanted me to see a picture of their families, and friends, or hear some cute story about their grandchildren. "When the people were facing death on 911," I said, "their last call was to say 'I LOVE YOU' to someone." I talked to them about how important it was to marry, and wait until then to start a family. I asked them to please break the mold on the way they had been living, and set a new standard of living that God could be pleased with. We can't expect to have a close relationship with a family in the spirit world, if we didn't have one on earth. What is bound here is also bound in heaven.

Start looking for ways to help others. Live as though there's a heavenly video running on your life every day, because it is. Cut someone's lawn, take someone out to dinner who you know can never repay you, and take someone flowers just because. My message was long. We had a prayer in tears to God. Then we Blessed all that came with the Holy Wine Blessing. The pastor of the church came up to tell me how he enjoyed the message. He was wondering why anybody would work so hard to keep this kind of message from the church. "We need more messages like this," he said. He told me that his doors were open if I ever needed to come again to give a message. The world that we live in is Hell, and it's the people in the world that make up that Hell. We all have Satan's blood running in our veins from the Fall that makes us go against what is good and true without even being aware of it. We are born in sin to do our father's will, and that father wants to destroy us in his Darkness. The flesh which is Satan and the spirit which is God oppose each other. Gal. 5:17

We must know that Satan hides within our bodies, leading us to oppose God's will. We have to Die to this evil body; crucify it in order to find God. There is no other way. So let us get busy dying now to Satan's will, so we can start to live for God's will. Someone said the other day that when Jesus was carrying the cross, He was going to die. He died a physical death. We who follow Jesus with our own cross have to become living sacrifices. That means dying to everything that the body loves.

This is the reason that the Bible is written in parables. (A CODED MESSAGE) God knows that Satan would oppose Him on every level. Satan will keep people stumbling in darkness, and falling, until we die that second death, so God let us know His plans at the last minute. Now our last minute is the Last Days. For many years, God has been working in front of the world in plain sight to lay his foundation for the world's salvation. In John 16:25, Jesus said to His Disciples, I have told you these things in parables and symbols (veiled language), but the hour is coming when I shall no longer speak to you in parables or symbols (figures of speech) but will tell you plainly (with open words, without reserve) of the Father.

When Jesus started to explain these parables to the Disciples, they said: "Ahhhhhhhhh, now you are speaking plainly to us." In other words, "Now Jesus, I understand what you are saying to us." We often reject this new truth, because it requires us to make a change from our old sinful ways. Please know that our God is living, and He is taking us through stages of growth in history. We are the ones that fell away from God, and we are the ones that must change and come back to Him.

What I will be sharing in parts over the coming months, are things that we have stumbled over for many years as a child. As Jesus said, I have many things that I want to share with you, but you can't bear (understand) them now. If you have never heard of them before, they will be new, so you will need to put on your new wine skins. We are adults, and it's time we try some solid food. We are no longer children, and it is time that we are told plainly of the father. Like any CODED MESSAGE, we have to find the MASTER who CODED it in the first place, so we can stop the madness. Then we can ALL be on one accord, like a rushing mighty wind. Stay tuned as I share with you things that have made us stumble in the DARKNESS, and kept us Divided as God's family. Then we can come up to God's beautiful light and illuminate the world!!!

Written by L-ma King

Rev. Jeddie and Minister L-ma King
ACLC Coordinators, Central Florida 

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