The Words of the King Family

An Unexpected Turnout at Florida Prayer Breakfast

Jeddie and Elma King
June 23, 2009
ACLC Coordinators, Central FL.

After sending out our monthly letters for the June 18 ACLC prayer breakfast, my husband Rev. King, and I still go out on the streets and witness so that others will come.

This month, we were not able to go out for very long. We prayed the morning before, and when we reached the center for our prayer breakfast, one of the ministers that we have known for a very long time, was waiting there, more than forty minutes early. Our spirits were lifted to see him there. As we open up for the Prayer Breakfast, ministers that we were not expecting, came in one by one to the tune of ten ministers. We sang God Bless America, and prayers for the World, the Nation, and the City, were offered by: Rev. Makoto Maeda, Pastor Willie Coleman- Smith, and Rev. Ruben Pipper. Minister Elma King served breakfast, and everyone participated in the rededication of Marriage ceremony, with Holy wine. A solo, I Can Only Imagine, was song by Minister Elma King. Minister King was also the Keynote speaker for today.

My message today was entitled "Peculiar People." Many are called, but few are chosen. God predestine us 95%, the remaining 5% IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY. The different in being people who are called, or people who are chosen, rest on this 5%. I testified about my own life, and how it had changed since I became a Unificationist. My suffering started when I started to live this life of faith. I couldn't understand it, until I started to look closer in the Divine Principle, and the history of Peculiar people of God. Deuteronomy 14:2 tells us, that we are a holy people, set apart, and that God has chosen us to be a Peculiar people to himself. We talked about Noah, and why God asked him to build an Ark, on the mountain, instead of near the river, or on level land. God wanted to put him a position where everyone would oppose him, even his own family. God allows this course of suffering for his chosen people, in order to separate them from Satan, and to grow their hearts of love for the enemy. We have to make our bodies a living sacrifice for God. This life is a training course, that prepares us with the strongest weapon in the universe, which is True Love. So the very ones that oppose us, are the very ones that we are trying to save.

This religious life is not a normal way of life, in fact it is a very Peculiar life, which involves, hardships and continuous self discipline. Even though one may have all the qualifications for a particular mission, whether he fulfills it or not, is not up to God, but up to that person, him and him alone, to become a chosen person of God.

Prophet Willie Davis concluded in prayer. 

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