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IFA March 2 Sunday Service

Mr. Shigenari Kato
February 25, 2014

Hi everyone,

We are very pleased to have Mr. Shigenari Kato speak to us this coming Sunday, March 2nd from 2 pm at Shibuya HQ Church The title of his sermon will be 'Realizing A Vision'

Kato-san is currently in charge of the Public Relations Department of Unification Church Japan, as well as Secretary General of UPF Peace Diplomats Forum and The Peace Media Forum.

He joined the church in San Francisco, USA, in 1986 and was blessed as 1275 couple in Korea in 1989. He graduated cum laude from the Unification Theological Seminary with a Master Degree of religious education in 1997.

After graduating for UTS, Kato-san was assigned by True Parents directly to begin the Newspaper providence as a missionary to Mongolia. He lived in Mongolia 1999 to 2003 with his wife and 3 children including one son who was born in there. During his mission, Kato-san developed relationships with many VIPs. Including the current Mongolian President who was invited to Unification Movement and became an Ambassador for Peace.

Recognized for his achievements, Kato-san was awarded the Honor of the "Freedom Star" by the Mongolian Democratic Party, the Honor of "Service" by Mongolian Youth Association and a Certificate of "Appreciation" from the Minister of Defense and Diet. In 2013 he was awarded as "Higashikuninomiya Memorial," one of the awards given by the Imperial Family of Japan.

Please cone early to welcome Mr. Kato.

IFA Committee 

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