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Complaints about James (Jin Sung Moon) Park's visit to Northern California

Charles Kamins
August 30, 2011
Bay Area Family Church

In Jin Moon speaks about how Vemma has helped her husband during her Lovin' Life sermon, July 26, 2011 - James Jin Sung (Moon) Park is In Jin Moon's Husband.

Charles Kamins is one of the Unification Church missionaries sent out in 1975 by Sun Myung Moon. His assigned country was Upper Volta (Burkina Faso). The three original missionaries stayed together for 9 years, 9 months. His family run the Kamins Ranch winery in Napa, California, which among other things produces sacramental holy wine (Cheong Il Guk Holy Wine).

James Park was in the Bay Area this weekend pitching Vemma to 2nd gen. He said several times that HSA is the up-line of the Vemma activities.

The Articles of Incorporation do not forbid HSA from engaging in fundraising they only stipulate that Board Members may not profit from those activities.

He spent a good deal of time insulting 1st generation members calling us losers and failures. He reported that In Jin Nims strategy is to work with the younger 2nd gen, as she called the older 2nd gen already "infected" with the bad attitude of the 1st gen. In Jin Nim is only interested in younger 2nd Gen because the 1st Gen are all archangels and the older 2nd Gen are influenced by those Archangels and therefore already gone. He spoke like this to our own children. Nobody I spoke to ever saw him pray. He even disrespected Father's project to bring 172 ministers to Korea.

My understanding is that Father ordered him to stay out of the public ministry. He gets around this by saying he was "invited" to speak to the Blessed Children. He finds one naive young person to give himself an excuse. He began his speech here once by thanking the pastor for inviting him. When I asked the pastor about this he said it wasn't true. So he has awareness of his guilt. Now his wife has put him in a position to give education to the young people thru STF.

He also spent time insulting every other Multi-Level Marketing company saying, "Only Vemma works," and that he'd studied them all thoroughly, nobody other than himself had the financial background to analyze the opportunity. Yeah, we know all about his background and his track record.

As far as I'm concerned he committed the worst, most unethical sin of Multi-Level Marketers. There were already several Vemma distributors in the area. Instead of working through them, he stepped on their lines and swept up all business for his line. When he ran out of product, he asked the existing Vemma distributors to give him their supply. I don't know why they didn't just sell it to him and get the hell out of that rotten business but he insulted them for not cooperating. He kept himself surrounded by teenage sisters and enjoyed the attention immensely. One of these sisters, who we know very well, told us he pointed at one of these 1st gen. Vemma distributors and said, "You see that brother there, it's people like him that are the reason our movement hasn't grown in 30 years."

I was ready to defend him. I still believe Multi-Level Marketing culture has many positive elements that our movement could benefit and learn from. But this is madness.

It is naive to think that In Jin Nim doesn't know all this already. There is no one to appeal to except God. The only solution or defense is for Blessed Central Families for form Associations of Tribal Messiahs. Father already authorized this. The public ministries of our movement and the various institutions have their responsibilities. But no one can walk the course of restoration for you.

In Jin Nim has granted 1st generation liberation. "Retire," said James Park when asked what 1st gen should do. Fine with me. I wish them all success. Blessed Central Families must focus on our responsibility to make our bodies and our families and our tribes temples where God can dwell.

So, ask yourself, are you still in Egypt? In the wilderness? Canaan? Haran? Each of us must follow Jacob's Course substantially. Do not think that just because you are blessed, Father will bring you into Heaven. Heaven, as such, doesn't exist. We must create it on Earth and when we ascend, we will bring it with us to spirit world. Do you feel like you are living in Heaven? No? Me either. Not yet, anyway. Father opened the gate but it's up to each of us to walk through it.

For a response to this page see: In Jin Nim's husband (Jin Sung Moon – James Pak) and daughter visited the Bay Area - Kevin Thompson - September 1, 2011

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