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Grace of the Prayer at the Tree of All Things

Charles Kamins
January 22, 2011

During the Autumn Great Works which was held October 22-24, 2010, Dae Mo Nim inherited to the participants a special new holy candle. In the text below, she talks about the origin of the new candle and how she was able to persuade Heavenly Father to bestow a special grace for Blessed Central Families to help solve financial problems and cultivate Heaven's Fortune.

I don't know if the new candle has an official name but I will refer to here it as the Tree of All Things Holy Candle for Heavenly Fortune which I think describes it well.

The definition of Divine Grace is unmerited favor from God. A Sacrament is a physical object used to represent and deliver or convey grace. In Unification tradition, for example, holy wine is used to convey the grace of change of blood lineage. Cheon Il Guk Holy Candles are used to deliver the grace of a purified spiritual atmosphere for prayer and during traditional ceremonies.

Dae Mo Nim's address below deserves careful reading. You will understand that she did not simply conjure up a magic candle. The way she tells it, she had to importune God to grant this grace and set a prayer conditions with no set end in sight until God had no choice but to agree.

In her remarks, Dae Mo Nim describes the meaning of the candle and how we should use it. To summarize, she said that through the holy song sessions, witnessing and sincere devotions, we are able to remove our fallen nature. In proportion to our success in this we are able to inherit true love. As we become owners of true love, we gain the right to have dominion over All Things. In other words, this is not simply a "good luck" candle. The grace of the candle is connected to our effort to remove our fallen nature and as we make progress in that, so will we inherit Heavenly Fortune.

I asked the president of Chung Pyung if it is possible to multiply this new holy candle. He said it is not. The reason, I believe, is because Heavenly Father participates in the special Prayer Meeting at the Tree of All Things during the bestowal ceremony and also because it's absolutely essential for Blessed Central Families to visit Chung Pyung, participate in the holy song sessions, liberate and bless ancestors.

Every person on earth is the product of thousands of years of sinful, fallen human history. Each one of us is the culmination of our ancestor's lives. We not only inherit their physical DNA, we inherit their spiritual DNA as well. Our responsibility is to entirely restore the past in order that future generations can inherit Heaven's lineage with no shadows.


Dae Mo Nim's address at the Autumn Special Great Works.

Charles Kamins
Napa, California 

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