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Holy Wine Online - Our Story

Charles and Teresa Kamins
September 30, 2007
Napa, California

Welcome to HolyWineOnline!

My name is Charles Kamins and my wife Teresa and I are the sole owners of and the Napa Valley Sacramental Wine Company.

Teresa and I were blessed in marriage in 1982 at Madison Square Gardens and landed in Napa Valley in 1989 just before the birth of our first child. Prior to that, I’d spent 11 wonderful years in Ouagadougou the capital of Burkina Faso where I’d gone in 1975.

People may wonder how it is that we came to be making holy wine in Napa Valley. It’s a pretty good story so I’ll tell you.

Here’s the short version:

After planting a few grape vines for landscaping around our house in the mid 1990s we found ourselves harvesting 1/2 ton of premium Napa Valley grapes every year. I had a friend who was an amateur home winemaker so I donated my fruit to him and together we tried our hand at winemaking. After a few years we were getting pretty good and I had accumulated around 300 gallons of high quality Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon.

As Unificationists we don’t really drink much wine and, well, 300 gallons is a lot of wine to give away. However in 2004 when True Parents created Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine and made it available to members to multiply and bless people with, I decided to bottle my 300 gallons and give it away to FFWPU members. That 300 gallons was gone in no time. Suddenly people were calling me from around the country asking where they could get some of my Napa Valley holy wines.

When True Parents came to San Francisco on the ‘United We Stand Tour,’ I bottled up the remaining holy wine I had in a 5 liter ‘Jereboam and asked Pastor Kevin Thompson to take it to Father and ask him to autograph it. On a lark I suggested Kevin tell him that we’d auction it off on E-Bay for a million dollars if he’d autograph it. Father’s response: "Only a million?"

Well, he signed it and only then did I realize that I’d need a alcoholic beverage license to sell that priceless bottle and keep my promise. That was two years ago, today.

The website is the result of that brief encounter and I hope you will find it helpful in your life of faith. Blessing friends, neighbors and family with holy wine is a most wonderful way to witness to the new covenant that God has established for all mankind.

On the pages of this website you will soon find internal guidance about the value and benefits of CIG holy wine as well as testimonies and suggestion on how to serve it and share it with friends and family. We’ll do our best to make this website a blessed place for all visitors. Please come back often and tell all your friends.

Warmest Regards,

Charles and Teresa

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