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International Young Leaders Summit Draws Impressive Attendance

Shelby Jennings
March 20, 2009
Youth Federation for World Peace

Nairobi, Kenya - Hundreds of young leaders and professionals from all over Africa and the world converged on the United Nations Office in Nairobi, Kenya today, March 20, to launch a movement of Young Ambassadors for Peace and to gain the knowledge and tools to successfully build peace and achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Speakers included:

Mrs. Ida Odinga, Wife of Prime Minister Raila Odinga Dr. PLO Lumumba, Founder of PLO Lumumba Foundation, Kenya

Mr. Martin Luther King, III, Founder and CEO of Realizing the Dream, Inc.

Sir James Mancham, Founding President of Seychelles

Professor Helen Sambili, Kenya’s Minister of Youth and Sports

Mr. Michael Marshall, Editor in Chief of United Press International

Mr. Philbert Seka, Director of Service for Peace Africa

Mr. David Caprara, Executive Vice President, Youth Federation for World Peace

Attendees included:

Hon. Jimmy Akena, Member of Parliament from the Lira Municipality, Uganda

Hon. Aziza Ali and Hon. Mohammed Dewji, Members of Parliament, Tanzania

Hon. Hafsa Mossi, Government Minister, Regional Integration and East African Community Affairs, Burundi

Four representatives from King Abdullah II’s Fund for Development, Jordan

Dominique Kambetch Diaman, Vice Chair, National Youth Council, DR Congo

Mr. Steve Itela, Executive Director, Youth for Conservation, Kenya

Ten representatives from the NextGen Academy, USA

Mr. Vincent Rapando, President of Junior Chamber International-Nairobi Central

The International Young Leaders Summit builds on the successful Global Peace Festival that Prime Minister Raila Odinga welcomed to Kenya last August, at which over 10,000 people joined together to support the vision of peace and prosperity for all tribes and to participate in service through a massive Nairobi River clean-up project.

The summit follows up with a strong focus on Kenyan unity, “Kenya We Want,” and new Nairobi River Tree-Planting projects. An open invitation is extended to participate in the planting projects on March 21 from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon. One project will be hosted near the Global Roundabout towards the National Museum, and another near Pindolia Academy (Nairobi West) towards Mombasa Road. 

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