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Barangay Federation for World Peace Launching in Laoag City

Francis A. Javier
April 16, 2007

Laoag- At exactly 9:00 am, on April1 4, 2007, the 1-day seminar and launching of BFWP Ilocos Norte Chapter was formally opened with the welcome remarks of Mrs. Peralta, the wife of our Honorary Adviser Hon. Renato Peralta, Sanguniang Panlalawigan member. An inspirational message from the Mayor of Laoag City was being read by Mr. Benjamin P. Arce, his Executive secretary who also inducted the set of officers of BFWP Laoag chapter at the end of the day.

Laoag City was represented by 12 barangays and they were composed of Brgy. Captains, teachers, principal, a religious founder and brgy. secretary.

The nearby town of Vintar, Ilocos Norte was being represented by 14 barangays with their DSWD Daycare teachers. DSWD Officer Mrs. Edita Salud also attended and so inspired with the lectures presented. In behalf of the Mayor of Vintar, Hon. Councilor Viernes gave the closing message and also inducted the sets of officers of BFWP Vintar Chapter.

Two High Schools of Laoag City, Ilocos Norte College of Arts and Trade, ( INCAT ) and Ilocos Norte National High School, ( INNHS ) gave very good performances thru their dances and song numbers.

The town of Piddig was represented by an officer from their ABC office. Also a teacher from Solsona attended. And the Brgy. Secretary of Cabangtalan, Sinait, Ilocos Sur was present and became an interim officer.

After the presentation of lectures by our very own and one of the most sought after lecturers of the movement, Kuya Eric Niduasa, Our National President, Kuya Mike G. Zablan, divided the group into two, one for the youth fed and another one for the brgy. fed election of officers.

Before the day’s end, Pastor Rodrigo Borromeo, founder of a Christian Group called Seed of Abraham, Laoag City and Mrs. Editha Parayno, Medtech and women-leader of Vintar became President of BFWP Laoag and Vintar Chapter respectively.

Sis. May Sato, Sec. Gen of YFWP handles the youth participants while Bro. Roland Alcayaga, UM- HQ administrator and BFWP national coordinator facilitated the activity.

CAR Executive Director Minister Alfon and Sis Dulce Buyayo with Sis Malouh Niduasa the ever loving and understanding wife of Kuya Eric were also with us and their presence was very supportive and helpful to the event.

With a total of 64 participants and with the help of 18 very supportive members, we can say that our launching and 1-day seminar were very successful.

The day after…

With so much blessing, our national leaders still stay with us till the next morning. They were accommodated in the house of our member, bro. Edmund. Kuya Eric gave a very inspiring Sunday service with his Principled Parenting Lecture and Kuya Mike bought a Big Carrot Cake for us. Before they leave, we could able to have a small but meaningful lunch with them in the center. Our victory here is not only because we could launch the BFWP in our region but more we can say it is because of the unity and support of the members. Members were so inspired and did their best to help and what made this event so victorious is that after a long absence in the frontline, they came back and even cried in inspiration. With the inspiration from our National leaders, we could really feel and we believed that our region will stand and always will.

Below are some feedbacks from a few of the participants:

" it is one of the best seminar I ever attended in my lifetime as a pastor"
- Rev.Dr. Rodrigo Borromeo,Founder ,Seed of Abraham,a Christian Group
" this kind of lectures/ seminar should be given to all teachers and I will organize it first in my own school."
- Mrs. Teresita Edu, Principal, A.P. Santos Elem. School
"Napakaganda ng layunin at dapat madala ito sa mga barangay"
- Mr. Guillermo Agtarap, Brgy. Chairman, Navotas, Laoag City
" it is the first time I heard such topic and I was so moved"( topic on the culture of heart).
- Hon. Esperidion Viernes, Municipal Councilor, Vintar ,Ilocos Norte

Francis A. Javier
Regional Minister
Ilocos Region

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