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Power of 10 Cents Raises Funds for Gaza Children

Tan Sri Zaleha Ismail
February 17, 2009
UPF - Malaysia

The Power of 10 Cents campaign launched during the Global Peace Festival in Malaysia is now raising funds to help the children of Gaza.

The President of UPF-Malaysia, Tan Sri Zaleha Ismail, has been seeking ways to connect the young people of her country with the world. Giving donations to help needy children in Gaza is a tangible way for people living in a distant country to offer aid in the spirit of one family under God. The fund-raising drive is being carried out in partnership with the Red Crescent Society of Malaysia, with the endorsement of the Ministry of Unity and the Ministry of Education.

The fundraising campaign is one aspect of the Collegiate Ambassador program in Malaysia's schools to build an awareness that all people are one family under God. 

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