The Words of the Holdhus Family

Education Session Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God’s Providential History - Personal Testimony and Report

Crystala Holdhus
November 16, 2008

During the seven-day seminar (November 10th -16th) we received 9 hours of lectures every day containing incredible content. The late President Eu’s son was specifically asked by True Parents to be the main speaker during the workshop. Rev. Yu claimed that by the end of this workshop we would see everything with new eyes and I went through the lectures wondering if this would really be the case. As the end neared, however, I found that I had indeed come to see everything with new eyes and new energy. In his final lecture he emphasized the importance of sharing this precious content with all members, so I am doing just that.

Rev. Yu began his first lecture by explaining why we were all called there. Since the helicopter crash, True Parents had apparently died and resurrected with all humankind, thereby giving birth to a new era in which there is no connection to Satan. True Father then founded the King Garden in Hawaii, as the modern-day Garden of Eden. This garden is completely removed from everything in relation to the fall and this is apparently where the providence of restoration is to start. By January 13th, 2013 True Parents expect to reach their ideal and they need every member to rekindle their passion for God and His ideal world and put their utmost effort into following all True Parents’ words ( D.P., Cheonseong-gyeong, Peace Messages and The Pledge), connecting completely with God’s jung and restoring and blessing our family and tribe.

The first of these seminars was held in Hawaii. There will be three more seminars held in Korea in December and all members are strongly urged to attend; these are lectures that all members must eventually receive. There will probably be many more to come in the New Year as well.

Rev. Yu then explained the family pledge in depth and stressed the importance of acting on the words. The pledge was not created as a chant to mumble ritualistically every morning but a devout promise that with all our blood, sweat and tears, we will absolutely accomplish all the tasks listed within its eight points. (I will include a separate document containing his meticulous explanations of The Pledge)

He then went on to explain why we need the Divine Principle and lectured through every chapter giving new insights and pertinent lessons. Above all, he stressed the importance of absolute sex, saying that is in fact the core of our movement. This could not be said in the 60’s but True Parents are now proclaiming the fact. We must keep absolute sex, in which we have only one eternal partner in true love. This is so important, in fact, that we are asked to write “absolute sex” on a big paper and stick it in a place where we can see it everyday. We mustn’t even think lustful thoughts of those outside the boundaries of our blessing as those thoughts can be considered the same as an actual act of adultery.

Now is the age when we must create a family that is brimming with true love, as this is the only way to start world peace: through our families. We must connect to God’s jung and repent for all our sins of the past and let go of any resentment we may be holding in our hearts. We must pray sincerely and devoutly: without prayer, our spirit suffocates. Prayer is as important to our spirit as air is to our body.

Rev. Yu also emphasized the standard which our prayer room must meet. Our prayer room must be kept immaculately clean, have a picture of True Parents, holy salt, a holy candle, The Pledge, The Cheonseong-gyeong and The Peace Messages on the alter. We need to create an environment in which God can feel free to enter and where we can reciprocate His love. The importance of reading and rereading the sixteen peace messages was enforced and we were reminded that we are to memorize them all. The peace messages are the condensed version of the Cheonseong-gyeong. We need to fully understand and realize their content.

When we pass on to the spirit world, we are judged by three things: our character (to what degree we perfected true love and came to resemble God), public life (how much of our life was devoted to the greater good) and public money (whether we tithed appropriately and used public property for public purposes). We were asked to take tithing very seriously; ironing the money before offering it and preparing it well in advance. We were reminded that we are meant to offer three tenths of all our income to Heavenly Father as well as three tenths of our belongings (i.e. couches, TV’s, tables etc.) to our church.

True Parents visited on the 13th and Father gave a very brief talk emphasizing the importance of absolute sex, true love and jung. He suggested that couples over fifty always sleep together nude.

Rev. Yu explained that in this new era, we are to reach out to world leaders; this task is no longer as difficult as we may believe. We must invest all our heart into them until the point where they will want to come on their own. We are also asked to reach out to today’s youth in colleges, holding such events as campus Hoon Dok Hae. We can now witness with the new internet technology, sending God’s words to even a thousand people in an instant. We must be courageous and know that God and True Parents are with us. We are asked to revive the members who have strayed from our movement and raise our children and tribes to be blessed and to know the path that we must walk.

Rev. Yang came on the second last day and explained about Father’s life, concluding with some exciting new information. The newly elected United States’ president, Barack Obama, has been attending ACLC conferences and has apparently met with Father on several occasions. Even just before the elections, he attended a prayer breakfast. His wife is involved with our movement as well. This is a new revolution, now that Obama has become president; Father wants to eradicate all barriers between races.

This is the dawning of a new age! We are now in the last battle and we are asked not to fight with weapons but with the sword of God’s word. We can be victorious! The ideal world is just around the bend! True Parents are longing desperately for January 13th, 2013. We must devote ourselves to do our portion of responsibility in bringing about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven!

By January 13th, 2013, God will draw a line and close the doors. We are to make every effort until that fateful day because no matter how much we cry and beg, nothing can be changed once that day has come. We’re either in or we’re out. We are asked to be like the ant in Aesop’s fable (The Grasshopper and the Ant) and work hard in all the days leading up to January 13th, 2013 and not waste our time ‘singing and playing’ like the grasshopper. We must become hard-working harvesters. In regards to the many rallies we have recently been holding, Rev. Yu reminds us that in Jericho nothing seemed to be happening either, but by the seventh time that they circled the city, all the walls came crumbling down.

I can type all the important points of my lecture-notes, but this may take a while as my notes take up about 185 notebook pages. I shall send Rev. Yu’s explanations of the Cheon Il Guk Pledge shortly. 

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