The Words of the Higashibaba Family

Loving Those Who Love God Our True Parent

Anshin Higashibaba
October 10, 2007

In our world we tend to get caught up in our so-called differences having to do with our race, culture, or religion. But as long as there is a God, and He is our loving parent, it is to my relief and joy that those differences have no standing in front of the true love of our Father and between us, His children.

With my deepened relationship with God through the STF experience so far, I was so exited to go to Rev. Weston's Church with the love of God and give unconditionally and purely to my brothers and sisters there. The service at the Church opened with a beautiful song whose words struck me deeply as the way true children of God relate to each other. "The Jesus in me loves the Jesus in you" the congregation sang.

During the song the congregation and STF greeted each other with warm hugs and smiles. "It's as simple as that" I thought, the purpose of life is for each of us to dwell in the heart of God, and God to dwell in each of our hearts, and in that depth of true love, dwell in the hearts of our brothers and sisters. My heart swelled with joy as Heavenly Father's love poured out through me, STF, and the members in the congregation.

Later on I was picked as one of the members of STF to stand up on the spot and give a testimony. This quote that True Father once said was the main point of my testimony, "We can love with true love because God our True Parent first loved us with true love." This is what set my heart free on the frontline and with my STF brothers and sisters; to begin to love as God loves and hope as God hopes because I inherited that ability from Him.

As each picked STF member testified about God's love the more and more inspired and filled with God's love the congregation became. I was awestruck at the power of testifying of God's love. Upon reflecting later, I realized that in the Kingdom of Heaven, this kind of inspiration and moving of the hearts of the children of God would be like breathing;

As beings created to give and experience true love, our longing is to be united in heart for eternity with our True Parent, our Heavenly Father. Just like when a child cannot stop talking about or trying to please his parent, we would, in the same way not be able to separate ourselves from Heavenly Father's love. Because we are children of God it is only natural that we also possess within our very selves unique attributes of God.

Our lives would be a testimony of the true love of God. Loving our brothers and sisters regardless of character, gender or age would be as natural as the way God loves humanity. This is because the love between Him and His children would have naturally allowed Him to dwell within the heart of humanity. Jesus in his life time cultivated this true love of God within him fully and inseparably, allowing for us today to have "the Jesus in one love the Jesus in another."

Heavenly Father gave me a taste of the Kingdom of Heaven and a deeper expression of His love through this visit. My heart rejoiced because Heavenly Father's Heart rejoiced. "The Jesus in Me loves the Jesus in you"…it's as simple as that. Thank You Heavenly Father, Thank You True Parents. Because of our common reality as children of God, The Kingdom of Heaven can become a reality. Aju!

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