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Filipino Japanese Movement for Global Peace attends Migrant Workers Orgn'l Meeting at Phil embassy

Lorie Shiokawa and Nora Hasegawa
May 12, 2008

2008 Migrant Workers Day Organizing Committee Meeting

VP External Affairs and VP Internal Affairs, Filipino Japanese Movement for Global Peace

The officers of the Filipino-Japanese Movement for Global Peace (FJMGP) headed by President Angelita Obara, Vice President for Internal Affairs Nora Hasegawa, Vice President for External Affairs Lorelie Shiokawa, and Secretary General Priscila Akahori had attended the Organizing Committee Meeting for 2008 Migrant Workers·?··Day last April 30, 2008 at the Conference Hall of the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo.

The meeting started at 7:00 PM and presided by the Welfare Officer Saul de Vries in behalf of the Labor Attache Danilo Cruz who was in the Philippines at that time. The attendees who are around 20 first enjoyed the delicious lugaw with tokwa at baboy which was catered by Perry Rio of Knights of Rizal. The meeting was then called to order by Mr. De Vries and the attendees introduced themselves.

Among those who were present is the Secretary General of Filipino Circle for the Advancement and Progress (FICAP) and one of the external advisers of FJMGP, Mrs. Cora Kasuga. FICAP has been existing in Japan for 14 yrs now and Ate Cora, as she is known, has been of service to the Filipino Community in Japan for those long years, too.

Others present in the meeting were Captain Napoleon Garcia of Filipino Maritime Network, Mari ·ayang·Nikei President of Teatro Kanto Organization, Olive Akatsu-President of Hawak Kamay sa Mahal na Ina (HAKMI), Lila Estola of ABRAENIAN, Josie Nakayama President of Filipino Bowlers Club (FBC), Elizabeth Ibay of Samahang Pilipino (SP), Robert Alcamfor of Tong Il Moo Doo Federation (TIMD) formerly known as Unified Martial Arts International (UMAI), and representatives of Alphha (Franciscan Chapel) and Tokyo Caregivers. The Administrative staff of Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Beverly Nones was also present to take down the minutes of the meeting.

The different Committees discussed the preparation updates for the upcoming joint celebration of Migrant Workers Day and 110th Philippine Independence Day which was set on June 15th at Oji Asukayama Park, Tokyo.

The group in-charge for the Program and Invitation Committee is the Teatro Kanto Organization. Mayang of TKO reported that the affair will start at 9am with a Mass and Ecumenical Service which is sponsored by HAKMI, then presentations of Filipino Community groups will start at 10:30 AM until 3 PM. Among those who will perform are DTOX and PML Bands, Teresa Gao, Tampipi, HAKMI, TIMD, and Cordillera Dancers.

The main event will be from 3:30 to 4:30 PM which will be allotted for performing artists from the Philippines like Jed Madella, Allan K, Janno Gibbs or Michael V., Parokya ni Edgar, K. Brosas, Mirai Dancers, and Sex Bomb Dancers. The Grand Finale is a medley of Nationalistic Songs by the Filipino Talents in Japan. Some of the songs suggested are Ako ay Pilipino, Ang Bayan Ko, Isang Mundo Isang Awit. The program will end at 4:30PM.

The Finance Committee is being handled by FMN and Captain Nap Garcia reported that 30 solicitation letters were sent out to shipping industries and other companies. They are still waiting for more responses. Among the donations collected came from Philippine Airlines And Shinwa Marine Corporation.

The group in-charge for the Booth is ODAN-J which was not represented that night. Each participating organization will be provided free booth. Only commercial or business groups will be asked to pay \25,000 for each booth. An award will be given to the organization with the Best Decorated Booth.

The Physical Arrangement Committee is composed of HAKMI, PML and SP. The putting up of banderitas and setting up of booths can be done on June 14th. The Permits for Venue is being applied by HAKMI. Olive Akatsu of HAKMI talked about on how she processed the papers with the city departments to secure the Oji Park.

The ABRAENIAN and the Unified Filipinos for Peace and Progress (UFPP) will prepare games for the children. The Sanitation Committee will be handled by Solid Filipino Migrant Association (SOFILMA).

The Peace and Order Committee is jointly taken care of TIMD and FJMGP. Robert Alcamfor and Angelita Obara talked on how to maintain the order for the whole event. Thirty members from both groups will be the marshals for the day.A booth was designated as their Headquarters.

The Medical Committee is assigned to FICAP and FJMGP. Mrs. Cora Kasuga representing FICAP and Nora Hasegawa representing FJMGP work together in coordinating the medical staff. The FJMGP has invited Dr. Shiraishi, an ophthalmologist of Isshin Hospital and the director of the Medical Mission for World Peace (MMWP) who will render free eye check up. A booth was designated for them to conduct the free medical service and first aid procedures.

All Filipino groups that will be a part of the organizing committee will have either a free food booth or a commercial booth which they could use for fundraising. A food booth was assigned to FJMGP.

All the members of each committee are asked to submit an ID picture for the making of identification card. There being no other matters to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm. The attendees had a chance to get to know better each other and exchanged calling cards before leaving the meeting place.

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