The Words of the Gertz Family

Seung Hwa for Derek Gertz

Michael Jenkins
August 1, 2007

Dear Family,

Derek Gertz, the son of Bill and Debra, has transitioned to the spirit world. Our prayers go out for Derek and all of his family. True Father said that his sacrifice was an offering to heaven. The whole Washington Community, both first and second generation, has come together with love and support for the Gertz family. Bill and Debra and all their family are very central and important for America and God's providence.

They have shown great love and faith at this time of sorrow and sacrifice. We express gratitude for their example of trust in God and True Parents. Please surround them with your prayers and support at this time.

Sincerely in the Love of True Parents,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor
Family Church of America

The announcement for his Seung Hwa and Won Jeon Ceremony, sent out by our Washington Family Church Headquarters is included below.

The Seung Hwa Ceremony ("Peaceful Ascension") for Derek Gertz, 18, son of Bill and Debra Gertz, will be held Wednesday, August 1, in Bowie at 9 am at the Evans Funeral Home, 16000 Annapolis Road (corner of Racetrack Rd & 450).

A slide show presentation and time for personal prayer will begin at 8:45 am. Following the service, the entourage will travel to Ft. Lincoln Cemetery at 3401 Bladensburg Road, Brentwood, MD [5 minutes north of the Washington Times].

The Won Jeon Ceremony will begin near 11 am and conclude 20 minutes later.

Please keep Derek and the entire Gertz family in your prayers during the forty days of remembrance, [August 1-September 8].

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