The Words of the Gertz Family

Derek Gertz Passed Into The Spirit World

Angelika Selle
July 27, 2007

Dear family,

This morning, July 27, 2007 at 2:00 am the son of William (Bill) and Debra Gertz passed unexpectedly into the spirit world. He went skateboarding last night around 7 pm and fell, injuring his head severely. Doctors were not able to save his life.

From tomorrow (Saturday) there will be prayer vigils held at the Gertz' home in Bowie from 10pm to 12am for the next three days. Even tonight, please pray for Derek and the Gertz family. Those who would like to participate in an hourly prayer chain, please contact Libby Henkin or Wendy Herstein. Date of the Seung Hwa will be announced in the next day or so, probably Monday or Tuesday.

We join with the Gertz family in their deep sorrow over their son's passing. The Gertz family is loved and respected in our community and God is surely with them. In their pain they comforted God's heart in prayer earlier this evening and offered their son to heaven.

Our community remembers Derek as a young man of passionate and courageous spirit, much like that of his father. He passed over doing what he loved most, challenging the limits and seeking to be the best at skateboarding.

We pray for a smooth and peaceful transition and strength and consolation for the Gertz family at this difficult moment in their lives.

Derek, we love you!

With love and prayers,

Pastor Angelika

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