The Words of the Gardiner Family

Ambassadors for Peace Afternoon Tea

Lance Gardiner
April 13, 2011

Over 20 participants gathered at the Peace Embassy for South London UPF's Afternoon Tea on Saturday 9th April. It was an opportunity for Ambassadors for Peace to share about their projects, activities, concerns and interests and thereby foster productive links inside our UPF community. We heard from local leaders of two women's organizations, Dolores Read representing the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) and Zahida Akhtar of the Sabrang Ladies Group. The organizations have been working together for 6 years to promote respect for other cultures and empowerment of women to take responsibility in bringing healing and forgiveness.

Both the concerns of young and old people were addressed by several speakers. Rev. Mac Jatto spoke about the Osaro Christian Center which aimed to assist child and youth development in Benin, and Lucy Njomo from AYDA mentioned her group's efforts to support young people gain qualifications, while Hari Mongol spoke earnestly of the need to help old people overcome isolation through providing help and companionship. Fresh from their participation at the recent UPF European Leadership Conference held in Geneva, Satish Desai and Lance Gardiner gave inspiring reports about the array of important topics covered under the theme of human rights and dignity in sessions held at the United Nations and World Council of Churches. Councilor Matthew Kyeremeh rounded off the contributions by highlighting erstwhile efforts to prevent government funding cuts affecting important local services such as the provision of library facilities. The participants then adjourned to share and network with one another while enjoying a beautifully prepared traditional English cream tea. 

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