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Response to Allegation: "Mission Foundation ordered financial audits on Rev. Kwak"

Timothy Elder
December 17, 2010

I just received an email that is going around, which alleges that, in 2005 "Mission Foundation ordered financial audits on Rev Kwak three times."

I did some investigating into this statement, and I would like share what I found.

I spoke today with Mr. Choi Hoon, who is the chief account for the Tongil Foundation. He informed me that this statement could not be true for two reasons:

First, in 2005 the Mission Foundation did not have the personnel qualified to perform an audit.

Second, to perform an audit against an individual it would be necessary to have access to that person's banking records and other financial information. Neither the Mission Foundation nor any other church organization in Korea has that type of investigative authority. Without such information, an audit against Chung Hwan Kwak or any other individual would be impossible.

The Mission Foundation, by the way, is an organization in Korea headed by True Mother. Mr. Peter Kim conducts the day to day business of the foundation under True Parents' direct guidance. It is distinct from the Tongil Foundation, where Kook Jin Nim currently serves as chairman.

Tim Elder 

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