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America's Destiny Tour - One Family Under God - Hope - Harmony - Healing - Mrs. Jun Sook Kwak Moon

Bill Dillinger and Carl Swearson
May 26, 2007
Kansas City

The Kansas City weather forecast was not good – it called for heavy rain. But the storm was coming from the overflow crowd at the church this night, rather than from the sky. Rev. Christine Dunn, New Testament Pentecostal Church was the host pastor for the Kansas City stop on the 50 State Tour. After she welcomed all the guests, she turned the program over to our Master of Ceremonies, Richard Karnowski. Richard quickly invited up the Praise Team from Reaping the Harvest Ministries and Apostle Leo Standley to get the spirit moving. "You’re going to see some friends here tonight. And you’re going to see some friends you haven’t met yet. I want you to go shake their hands, and meet your new friends," he directed from the pulpit. After a couple of praise numbers, the audience was ready to receive the spiritual messages read by District 8 Director, Rev. Carl Swearson.

The main portion of the event began with an invocation from Rev. Beverly Farrell of the Universal Awareness Center. Mr. Karnowski followed up with a PowerPoint presentation of the 5 core values of the Ambassadors for Peace.

Mr. Karnowski then read from Isaiah 9:5, 6 which describes the "burning away" of the old tools of war and bloodshed in preparation for the coming of the "Prince of Peace." Then 3 representative couple participated in a symbolic purification ceremony. Marriage communion was shared by the entire assemblage.

Rev. Swearson proceeded to give an overview of the 7th World Tour. He brought to everyone’s attention that it’s not just Rev. Moon, but his entire family that is in involved in bringing the Peace Message to the whole world. Father Moon has devoted himself for more than 34 years to the spiritual renewal of America.

A musical interlude was provided by Thelma West, who drew the congregation out with her a cappella rendition of "Closer to Thee" in an operatic style.

The video "One Family Under God" was shown on a large 8’ projection screen at the front of the church.

Next, Rev. Jesse Edwards came to the pulpit and tapped into the Pentecostal spirit. Everyone responded not just to his words, but his enthusiasm as he witnessed to his faith and life experiences since he began ministering with Father Moon. "They asked, ‘What is a Pentecostal like you doing with Rev. Moon?’" he said. "I replied, because he believes God must be dwelling in the family. If we want all our social problems to disappear, all we need to do is obey the Word of God about male and female." He then introduced the keynote speaker, Mrs. Jun Sook Kwak Moon.

Speaking in a quiet but confident manner, Mrs. Moon proceeded to give the keynote address. When the air-conditioning unit was turned off because it was making too much noise, the only sound heard was that of her voice, sharing the heart of God through the message. The audience was enraptured and delved deep into the message even as the room warmed up.

As she ended her address, she was presented with flowers and a gift from the Welcome Committee of 15 women leaders from the community. They gathered on the pulpit to sign the Declaration of Peace, joining their names with Jun Sook Nim’s in declaring "One Family Under God." Mrs. Moon then departed the church to a standing ovation.

Elder Sennie Johnson, from Washington, DC, extolled us to build strong families and presented a concise summary of the address and several action items to help the congregation implement this grand vision in the own communities and neighborhoods.

New Ambassadors and Peace were appointed by Rev. Peeter Saarna and Rev. Juan Acosta. All were grateful to be acknowledged for their service to God and the community.

Again, Reaping the Harvest Choir raised the roof with powerful praise music. As one minister noted "Many minds and hearts were changed tonight." The meeting let out, as soaring spirits cleared the clouds away, the crowd spilling out onto the sidewalk and back into the world.


"This program was great, wonderful, spiritual, uplifting, it was educational. I never thought I would have a program like this in my church. I learned so much tonight from these words. Many minds and hearts were changed tonight. I want to be a part of this. As for Jun Sook Nim, she is a great speaker and a great person. The message touched my heart to hear Rev. Moon’s message about Jesus."
Host Pastor, Kansas City, KS

"Rev. Moon’s message had an uncommon intensity that you don’t hear much today."
Participant, Overland Park, KS

"It was an excellent program. Everyone has 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can use this time to share, elevating the character of mankind. That is what was accomplished tonight."
Interfaith leader, Topeka, KS

"This message has given me the motivation to continue to share the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I understand more the role that women must play and the importance of exemplifying peace in everyday life to the sake of the world."
Assistant Pastor, Kansas City, MO

"This evening was great. I see the direction this movement is going. I like to hear Rev. Moon’s ideas and I really love the people around him."
Minister, Lee’s Summit, MO

"My message to Jun Sook Nim is this: Keep the good work of your father going on. You have a wonderful family. May God bless you throughout your tour."
Bishop, Kansas City, MO

"This was a thought provoking program that sent a strong message to the unity of one nation of God to continue until all work is finished under God’s plan of salvation for love and peace among all nations."
Participant, Lenexa, KS

"This was a beautiful night. We need more like this. Mrs. Moon, keep on doing what God has called you to do."
Pastor, Kansas City, KS

"I really liked the different denominations - you don’t usually see that anywhere. I agree that now is the time for women to lead the world to peace. It really is the way of the heart, not power or intellect. I enjoyed the evening."
Participant, Kansas City, MO

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