The Words of the Dacanay Family

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W-CARP Philippines-NCR Joins Government in International Coastal Clean-Up Day (Noel C. Dacanay and Mary Grace F. Rago - September 24, 2007)

WCARP NCR Conducts Culture of Heart Search through Songs and Dances (Noel Dacanay and Mary Grace F. Rago - September 27, 2007)

W-CARP and SFP Philippines Join UN Celebration of Intl Day of Peace 2007 (Noel Dacanay - September 28, 2007)

GPF 2007 Kicks Off With BKKB Manila Bay Coastal Clean-up Project (Noel Dacanay - December 9, 2007)

The First College and University Students Assembly Successfully Held (Noel Dacanay - December 12, 2007)


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