The Words of the Cipriani Family

Report From Former Board Member During Hoon Dok Hae

Waldir Cipriani
June 28, 2010
Unification Church Headquarters
San Paulo, Brazil

Brothers and sisters, good morning! Rev. Hyung Jin Nim Wichiminicá!

Surely all of you are waiting that I express myself, because I was the person who grabbed the microphone from the hands of Dr. Simon and began translating for Dr. Hyun Jin Nim when he came here. The Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's sermon yesterday gave me enough strength to be able to really understand the profound essence of the Messiah. As you know, I am a member of the church to thirty-four years, and before entering the church I was a student of philosophy. And when I entered in the Unification, went absolutely philosophically convinced of the veracity of the Divine Principle, because I expected something to convince me, that I would give my life.

Before the arrival of Dr. Hyun Jin Nim, I had a dream with the True Father: I was going by plane with the True Father and so we got the True Father spoke to me, "look very deeply into my eyes!" And then he said, "be Unificationist." So those days who preceded the coming, I fasted, prayed and tried absolutely the most follow the guidance of the Heaven. Of course today, after it ended it's easy to say do this, do that or the other, is like a football game, before everyone is one thing after the game is something else. Of course, now looking back I honestly do many things differently. And remembering the words of Jesus when he speaks well, and "You will know the truth shall make you free," then we have to know the truth.

I have to be very honest and sincere to the Reverend Shin that is the continental leader, that I told to him also, "a True Son of our Father is coming, I was still working in Sorocaba, was chosen and appointed to be a member of the board and has a son, the child is above me." At least on occasion, my attitude was really hearing the truth, especially after that letter wrote to him about the mask. So I wanted to find the truth, I wanted to know the truth.

When In Jin Nim came and talked for two hours with Dr. Caesar, with Professor Maurício and me, at first, In Jin Nim, she was very hard and could and not touch my heart, but when she changed her strategy and her then spoke well for us, "I see that you are important to the providence, then I want you to show the way to my brother back to the bosom of their parents." It came deep in my heart and said, "If I receive the invitation, I'll go quickly to apologize to True Parents." Then I wrote thirty items that In Jin Nim told us. And what really convinced me deeply. When the Reverend Kim on day 13th called Yung Já saying, "Look you will out tomorrow and should arrive here until the 16th." Immediately I told to my wife, "We will prepare tomorrow we'll quickly answer the called of the True Parents to go to Korea."

We arrived in Korea and True Parents were leaving for Las Vegas, USA, soon after, the Rev. Kim was in contact with Ondjú and True Mother was waiting for us in Cheon Geon Gun. I noted here many items, but as Professor Mauricio already reported a part, I will not explain, but the True Mother told us to do a new beginning. She said that the era of really big events were held centrally in the True Father and that this was a time to reap one by one, and she noted that members of heart was very little. Then we needed to change the way of work.

She really told us clearly that after a while True Father asked Dr. Hyun Jin Nim stay with him and True Father had delegated to the Reverend Hyung Jin Nim the continuation. It would be the Legacy. The way that she was explaining us, really we felt deeply repentant in one hand, and deeply blessed, because we had already written a letter on the 5th. Even the Reverend Shin talk that we have not done the requirements, but five days so that we find In Jin Nim, we wrote two letters, one to True Parents and the other for the church. I got the letter, I gave to Dr. Simon, but for some reason he did not catch that moment. But it's kept me there, where I apologized, actually, was the third time I was apologizing for the result. My sincere and absolutely motivation was receive a true son of True Father.

In Korea, it was extremely important as well, the very meeting that we had in Cheon Geon Gun with Reverend Hyung Jin Nim. I personally had no idea how it was. And as I am a Catholic tradition and Augustine was extremely important to really bring me to Unification Church. And he had completed eight days of fasting, and he was so loving, really represents the heart of True Parents, he listened to us, heard reports and heard comments when there, he explained about North Korea. It really opened my heart even more because when we were in Pyongyang, bought a map and every morning at 5 o'clock, I do Hoon Dok Hae and worships map centered on North Korea and South Korea unified.

I wanted the Reverend Hyung Jin Nim know again, personally I said in English on Cheon Geon Gun. His heart for a unified Korea. And he said, we have to prepare a large content so the content of the ideology of Kim Il Sung leave the North Korean people, with what we fill our minds and hearts these twenty and two million Koreans? Then the witnessing, his words, I could see that he is preparing for the unification of the Koreas and he told us there, "First the unification of the Koreas and after the unification of the world." Even on Sunday we were at the Sunday service, so I really was fantastic, had not only read the words of True Parents, but also of Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed, and thus a sermon really sum things up, I missed that idea of unification when all major religions can really unite. I thought a lot in our temple, also create more or less like the Cheon Geon Gun

We were four hours with him and in any time we hear criticism about other children, only witnessing the True Parents and only bringing union. In the end we had the great honor of being received by Kook Jin Nim. But before that, the foundation had had with Peter Kim where I could speak not only that but also the first dream another dream I had with the True Mother, very interesting, but here they do not have time to talk.

And finally, Kook Jin Nim welcomed us before our departure. Personally I had another image Kook Jin Nim. But really I could communicate in English with him, "See everything is normal, we have True Parents alive, just follow it, if someone is not following it's a serious problem, so we're following the True Parents and their orientations," he said. So then invited us to lunch together.

I expressed also great gratitude to the Rev. Heung Tae Kim. He knows me these ten years of Atletico Sorocaba, I personally fought with him in Sorocaba, not physically, then he knows my nature, so he knows will never, absolutely never betray him. Impressed me too, some items that he expressed in Korea, especially for us here in Brazil, after this storm, especially after such great blessings we receive. The idea of Rev. Kim, is that us not become sectarian, we do not do witch hunt, how to develop a heart of forgiveness. And at that point, I mention the sermon of Rev. Hyung Jin Nim yesterday for the first time I could understand the theological aspect of why for more perfected I think be, why regretting, for which I apologize before the heaven, before True Parents and before my brothers and sisters.

At home, my children have spoken for me to explain how the Reverend Hyung Jin Nim gave the sermon. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon explaining to my children, especially those three items of Confucius those levels of loyalty and ultimately glorify. But I mention this aspect of the testimony of Rev. Hyung Jin Nim when he was at school and thought that because he did not smoke, did not drink , did not dating, I thought I was going to heaven, but found he was being proud. So yesterday the sermon of Rev. Hyung Jin Nim his spontaneity and the way he explained, shut the bottom of my heart.

Sometimes brothers and sisters at this point I want to sincerely apologize to you, Reverend Shin too, please I sincerely sorry. But if you're not convinced deeply with the truth, you can not be hypocritical, just hugging and kissing. Then, the continuity of the providence of restoration? For example, if we betray the Providence, when Dr. Hyun Jin Nin came, several brothers called me, "Will I see In Jin Nim?" I even fought, "You have to come." Brothers and sisters, many people these days are deeply hurt by my way, with my lifestyle, but I wanted to let you know that today I am much more convinced that True Father is Christ the eternal and immutable and I'll give absolutely my life to restore humanity centered on True Parents. So do not believe much in hypocrisy, but when I am absolutely convinced, I give my life. It was in order in five days to resign the board, and so did we put the provision in charge of Atletico Sorocaba.

Today, we are simply followers of True Parents who honestly, sincerely, honestly, since I understood the Divine Principle the absolute fidelity to the wife even having the opportunity to fall, educate their children to go with sexual purity and blessing to learn about this increasingly in words of True Parents. So, Reverend Shin and also brothers and sisters, if by my attitude and my way I have hurt, I apologize and at the same time express my determination to continue seeking the truth and practice in my life go by eliminating more and more the evil spirits my sins and my fallen nature example of the sermon yesterday, I want to go more into the blood, bones in the essence of true love True Parents who yesterday Reverend Hyung Jin Nim could touch my very heart. This is my determination to the International President of the Unification Church that inspired me so much these days here in Brazil and also in Korea. This is my absolute commitment and again, please forgive me and you both come together to do God's will and the will of the True Parents and follow the guidance of our International President and there by restore Brazil to God and to True Parents.

Thank You! 

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