The Words of the Casto Family

Colonel Bo Hi Pak Comes to Speak

Michelle Casto - Virginia-Rose Loew - Erika Hiromitsu
May 14, 2007

On Easter Sunday Bo Hi Pak gave Sunday service to the World Student Garden. It began with the song, "All the Lands that I Loved" sung by the Western program. There was a acoustic guitar performance, then a lovely song presented by the Japanese choir.

He spoke in English, Korean, and Japanese. First he emphasized the importance of reading his book, "The Messiah", and watching his movie "Truth is my sword." This movie shows him speaking during the hearings against Donald M. Frasier. He went knowing he had done nothing wrong so he spoke with absolute confidence in the truth.

He said he had gone to talk to True Father in East Garden, and there Father told him he was like the David (as in David and Goliath) of the Unification Church. He then talked about the vision True Father has for us, is to love God, love mankind, and to love your country, and become filial sons and daughters of our families, patriots of our nations, saints in the world, and divine sons and daughters of Heaven and Earth.

As the founder and first principal of the Sun Hwa School, he shared with us the three main rules he created. First, there is honesty. Never tell a lie, no matter how small it is. Second, was to show kindness. This can be done by greeting one another with a smile and direct eye contact.

The last one was service to others. This should be done with no selfish motivation, and no self benefit. He spoke with so much enthusiasm, movements and love that you wouldn't know he was older than 60. He spoke with many examples, and asked many questions so it was very exciting and interesting. We finished with a group picture and lunch.

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