The Words of the Casto Family

Saturday Cultural Trip to Prehistoric Settlement Sites

Michelle Casto - Virginia-Rose Loew - Erika Hiromitsu
May 12, 2007

We're off again, only two days after our last field trip. We went to the Prehistoric Settlement site which located in a small park right near us. The people of this age lived about 6000 years ago.

Archeologists found holes in the ground which was used for pillars to support their homes in the prehistoric age. Their homes were shaped like a wide tepee with straw instead of cloth. There was a museum with lots of arrowheads, spearheads, tool-heads, and pottery pots and pieces. When you first walked in there was big excavation site of where their homes used to be. You could see the holes where the pillars had supported the homes. Outside we also saw two ostriches, which were cool to see.

It was cool to learn about the simple life of Prehistoric History.

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