The Words of the Casto Family

Field Trip to Sun Moon University and Admiral Lee's Museum

Michelle Casto - Virginia-Rose Loew - Erika Hiromitsu
May 11, 2007

We're on the road again, riding along the Han River seeing never ending mountain ranges in the distance. We're on our way to Sun Moon University and also to one of Korea's heroes, Admiral Soon Shin Lee's birth-home, shrine, and museum.

At Sun Moon University we were greeted by the smiling faces of our guides to tour of the school. We were first led to a small exhibit of Sun Moon University's history. It began in 1972 and has 8000. In all of Korean Sun Moon University has the largest number of foreign students. The motto for Sun Moon University (and all schools founded by True Parents, such as Sun Hwa) is Love God, Love Mankind, and Love your country.

Proceeding this we were able to go up to the 12th floor, which is True Parent's floor. There were many rooms, one of which was the conference room which had a beautiful picture. We also saw the room True Family sits and talks in. Everything, the chairs, the windows, the carpet, the paintings and pictures all gave off a wonderful feeling.

After that we went to the Sun Moon Museum, they had many relics such as paintings, and the biggest pale green celadon in Korea. Another part museum showed things from Father's life such as a copy of the first handwritten Divine Principle. We also saw Divine Principles in numerous languages, Notes on the Divine Principle by Rev. Eu, True Fathers books, and rocks from Sodeh Moon Prison. We were also fortunate enough to see Sun Moon's Bible exhibit.

We ate lunch there, played a couple games, and headed on our way to Admiral Lee's shrine.

Admiral Lee is a hero to Korea for his bravery in the Japanese occupation long ago. So we went to the shrine, greeted him, then went to the museum. There it explained how he created/designed the Turtle ships, which are ships with spikes on top to prevent enemies from jumping on board. With these he fought the Japanese 23 times and every time he was victorious. We were amazed at how large the park was, but it just shows us how much the Koreans honor this war hero.

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