The Words of the Cali Family

True Parents' Event in Italy

Giuseppe Call
May 21, 2011
National Leader, Italy

We had no doubts about the historical importance of the event and especially about the spiritual power that Father manifested once again to uplift the spirit of the audience by convincing all of the reality of the kingdom of heaven, Cheon II Guk.

Since I was the MC, I had to enter the hall a little early. I could not believe my eyes: it was full of people, with the hotel staff bringing more chairs for those standing! At that moment I began to cry. "Where did these people come from?" I was running through the hall greeting people one by one....

The seventy ambassadors for peace that came brought their own contacts, many of whom were attending an Unificationist meeting for the first time. They were as enthusiastic as our own members and the peace ambassadors. Christian pastors, Catholic ministers, politicians, professors, representatives of associations, and so on. Our members also brought many first time- time guests who did not know much about our beliefs. To me this was a sign of the great work of the spiritual world, which always supports us by filling the gaps in our organization, which is challenged by the size and speed of the providence.

Even the hotel staff members did not want to miss a word of Father's speech and stayed until the end, later asking our members many questions about him.

True Father was bright as the sun onstage, a commanding presence that pulled everybody up to the highest heaven. His speech lasted an hour and forty-five minutes and nobody moved from the hall until the end, when all rose and offered True Parents heartfelt applause.

I helped an ambassador for peace present a plaque to True Parents. I cannot forget the smile that Father gave as he shook my hand. I saw God's face and His love, which entered my deepest heart.

Father was serene and embracing at Hoon Dok Hae in the early morning, even though the subject matter was about the end of the providential era and was many times more serious than his speech had been. He spoke about Christianity, especially about Christians having missed the central point and not being able to connect to the central pillar, True Parents. We received deep and important messages every day from Father and experienced the intimacy of being with True Parents and their True Children, singing, sharing testimonies and praying.

We made a few excursions into Rome. We enjoyed taking care of our True Parents. I was especially grateful to be able to assist Father in climbing the many steps in the historic city. We ate in a simple Italian restaurant and I felt happiness from giving some of the food from my dish to True Father because Father liked the food so much.

I realized how important is our personal connection to True Parents, as the Parents that gave us true life.

Reflections from guests at the Rome event

I've been an ambassador for peace for a few years, and I've always felt that there is a special grace in it. I've defended Rev. Moon's name a few times without knowing him very well. Now I understand what the power behind my attraction to him is: He is the bearer of God's will in this age.

I'm grateful for this life-changing experience. Rev. Moon is a genuine man of God that not only preaches but lives what he preaches. Let's work to build the new world of peace together.

Mr. Antonio lmeneo, High commissioner of the World Parliament for Safety and Peace

The extraordinary figure of Rev. Moon, with all his communicative power, is unique in the way he changed the contemporary era. I wish to express my great joy for his presence in Rome as part of his tour. I consider this choice an expression of his love and concern for Italy....

Ms. Sound Sbai, Association of Moroccan Women in Italy

He is a man moved by a heavenly energy and the most important prophet of the twenty-first century. What he said, being deeply rooted in his universal faith, will soon blossom for future generations.

Mr. Franco Bucarelli, author and journalist

A Final Word: In the Berlin speech, Father's last sentence was: "I promise you that I'll win and I promise that you will be victorious as well!" These were the last words True Parents said in Europe. I saw in Father's eyes all his determination, all his awareness, all his love, and in that moment I trusted him fully and forever: Yes we will all be victorious! 

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