The Words of the Cali Family

Exploring Muslim-Catholic Cooperation in Rome

Giuseppe Calì
January 13, 2011
UPF – Italy

Rome, Italy -- As a follow-up to the "Cakes for Peace" competition in December, several ambassadors, politicians, religious leaders, and distinguished leaders assembled near Rome on January 13 for a briefing on cooperation and peace. The Iraqi Ambassador to Italy, H.E. Habeeb Mohammed Hadi Ali Al-Sadr, invited UPF-Italy President Giuseppe Calì and the the president of the Federation of Catholic Associations and Parishes in Italy, Msgr. Luciano Vindrola, for a briefing on cooperation and peace.

The ambassador expressed appreciation for UPF's work, citing the importance of inter-religious harmony as the most fundamental base for world peace. The Catholic representative, Msgr. Vindrola, expressed a deep desire to cooperate with all the embassies and associations representing the many immigrant communities in Italy, to promote a culture of mutual respect and love. Both of them mentioned the UPF as the most effective and spiritually equipped organization to mediate among cultures and religions and promote and organize such activities.

Among the many proposals for cooperation was an attractive suggestion for a "fact finding tour" to Iraq, visiting sacred and historic sites with the support of the Iraqi government.

It was a very meaningful exchange. the gathering concluded with a presentation of Ambassador for Peace certificates to the ambassador and Msgr. Vindrola. 

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