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"Wine for Peace" Awards

Giuseppe Calì
March 13, 2010
UPF - Italy

Rome, Italy -- In a most beautiful natural environment located in the countryside surrounding Rome resides the "Casale Malatesta," a Medieval mansion that was recently restored as a conference facility and a place to breathe again the best spirits of ancient times.

The Universal Peace Federation, through its medical and sports branches, organized the first "Wine for Peace" awards. The idea came from the combination of the peace efforts of the UPF with the well-known excellence of the local wine production.

The main theme of the conference was "Immigration: Between Integration and Security." This very hot issue has split the Italian people into two different camps, one more welcoming of immigrants and the other asking for more security.

Among the participants were the Bishop of Velletri, the Chaplain of the State Police, the Chaplain of the Rome Police, nuns from a local convent, the President and the Vice-President of the Italian Judges Association, the President of the Italian Eno-Gastronomy Association (the authority on the quality of food and wine), the Head of the Regional Military Police along with a few high-ranking officers, and the city mayor and local politicians. International participants included representatives of the embassies of China, Kenya, Philippines, Serbia and Sweden. Members of a worldwide African association attended as well. A letter from the Ministry of Youth was read at the beginning.

The topic of integration was discussed deeply and thoroughly discussed. Anti-immigrant rhetoric has increased recently in anticipation of regional elections at the end of the month, and where foreign labor makes up nearly tp percent of the work force.

The Universal Peace Federation was introduced to the audience by President Giuseppe Calì, who stimulated the interest of participants in the peace-building activities of the Federation.

The "Wine for Peace" award consisted of a bottle of a special stock of wine made for this award ceremony. The limited edition consisted of 100 bottles, with labels bearing the UPF logo. Thirty of the these bottles were donated to the head of State, the Prime Minister, and government officials, with a letter on UPF letterhead explaining their significance.

At the end of the program, an Ambassador for Peace certificate was presented to Prof. Francesco Guadagniuolo, an artist who works for peace in cooperation with the Vatican. A large painting of his is exhibited at the United Nations in New York.

A delicious lunch was served to all participants, and local farm products were offered for sale to support the humanitarian work of the nuns.

The event was organized and fully sponsored by a group of Ambassadors for Peace in Rome: Prof. Imeneo, Dr. Marchetti, and Judge Mannino. 

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