The Words of the Cali Family

The Global Peace Tour in the Eternal City

Giuseppe Cali
April 1, 2009

Rome, Italy - The Global Peace Tour event in Italy took place in a conference hall at the national parliament, with support and participation from a number of senators and deputies from the national assembly and local political leaders from Rome and other cities, some of whom who had traveled through the night in order to attend.

Prominent religious leaders included a representative from the Rome Mosque, the largest Europe, several Protestant churches and Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu communities. A famous priest and theologian from the Catholic church also attended the conference and gave a wonderful speech on the importance of love in peace building.

Another inspiring speech was given by a Senator Albertina Soliani, who spoke about human rights and her effort to support the people of Burma. Although she is a politician, it was interesting to see how skillfully she also gave spiritual insights to the audience as well.

The event, UPF’s first in Rome, attracted about 200 significant leaders, filling up the hall. Among them we were able to appoint 23 as new Ambassadors for Peace. UPF Italy would like to thank all of them, and also to note with appreciation the international support from UPF International Chair Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, Secretary General Dr. Thomas Walsh and UPF Europe Chair President Yong Cheol Song.

Messages of support were also received from a former President of the Italian Republic, from the Ministry of Youth, from the Mayor of Rome and from other important parliamentarians. 

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