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Nagano Ken Area of Philippine Unification Church Ministry in Japan holds Divine Principle Seminar

Allan C. Cadano
May 9, 2010

It was commonly called Golden Week in Japan every first week of May. Truly, it was a golden week as many evangelization and Divine Principle sharing and lecturing in a form of seminar were conducted in Japan including the Nagano ken Area.

Among the seven participants of the one-day seminar held last May 2, 2010 five graduates of introductory Divine Principle seminar last year were rekindled once again to have their concluding Divine Principle lectures, while two newly invited guests from Fujimi, Nagano ken also participated the whole day seminar at Kanjuku Learning Center in Nagano City. The two got invited from Fujimi after Bro. Ronie did a Home Church-type service in their place last Easter Sunday.

The morning lectures were given by Bro. Ronie delos Santos. His lectures covered the Principles of Creation, The Fall of Man, and the Mission of Jesus.

In the afternoon, the lectures covering the Divine Principle chapters on The Last Days, The Principles of Restoration, Dispensation of Restoration Centering on Adam, Noah and Abraham's families; the Dispensational Time-identity and the Second Coming were given by Allan C. Cadano. The Q and A session was also done after the presentation of all lectures until 6:00 pm.

Sister Ella Ventura-Uchiyama helped too by donating for the needs in the lunch given to all participants prepared by Mrs Yuko delos Santos. Mrs. Doi san shared her school's conference hall for the venue of the seminar.

The seven graduates of the seminar were so overwhelmed that they asked more questions, discussion and some links about the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's life the following day in their apartment during a house-visit as a post-seminar activity. 

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